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Leaking Mains Water Connection

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Hi - Just wondering if anyone else has experienced leaking from the mains water connection on the side of the van. Since new, I have noticed that sometimes I get dripping from the connection inside the van. Some time ago I bought a new connector and installed it, but every now and again, I still get leaking. I have put a small container under it, and check it regularly, and empty it when gets some water in it. Not sure, but I think it happens more often when NOT connected to mains water - it seems the pump, pumps up the pressure in the system, and the pressure leads to the connection leaking. I have tightened all the screws at the back of the connector, and my next job is installing a one way valve in the line just down from the connector - maybe that will work!!! Has anyone else experienced the same issue - would like to know alternative solutions.



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Hi Jeff

Our 2006 ATV intermittently had some dampness on the floor just in front of the right side wheel arch and as it started with some wet weather at the time, suspected it might have come from a roof or wall leak, the outside shower, or from around the wheel arch when travelling in rain.

All of the above sources were eliminated and only by coincidence did I happen to feel some dampness on top of the wheel arch one day. Then I felt around the through-the-wall fitting and it too was damp. I tightened the 4 screws that can be seen and the problem disappeared. For a while.

I pulled the fitting out and some research showed it is not an uncommon problem they have and the best solution is to replace it, which I did. No more leaks for a cost of $50/60 I believe.

Why the problems was intermittent I realised depended on the slope front to back of the van when parked, so if slightly down at the front the water ran forward and was noticeable, but if to the rear the water ran down between the wheel arch and the HWS and was not apparent, and the warmth from the HWS probably dried it out.

A one way valve may stop the problem when on pump but not when on mains so replacing the fitting - Camec has them - will solve the problem under both circumstances.

Hope this is of assistance.



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Thanks Barry,

Yes, that is exactly the same way I found about the leak - damp floor near the bed, (ours is a 2006 van also) I also tracked it down - running along the top of the wheel arch. I have already replaced the fitting once - it didn't seem to make much difference. I might take the fitting apart and see how it seals, and see if I can improve it!!!!! I'll also see how the one way valve works. If it still leaks - I guess I'll buy another fitting and see if I get a good one this time....



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