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Folding solar panels

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Hi all, we are considering buying a folding solar panel to keep our car aux battery charged while out bush.

I have a 120aH AGM battery and can easily discharge it down to about 60% SOC in one afternoon using my HF radio (Amateur Radio).

I have calculated I would need a 120w panel.


I have seen various panels on ebay and at other outlets for around the $200 to $300 mark, and also for 2 to 3 times these amounts.


Some of the cheaper brands claim A grade panels with multistage MPPT controllers and all waterproof and in stock in Australia. Some even say they are a shop outlet, not just a backyard trader.


Does anyone have any advice or experience with these cheaper brands. I'm not entirely convinced that the more expensive ones are twice or three times better.




Currently in Renmark SA.







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Hi Rob


Having read your post, it is almost the same as another post on the Caravaners Forum !!!!!!!! 


We have a Waeco 120 watt panel purchased from Anaconda, we purchased it to supplement our roof mounted solar panels on the van.


Works well for us.



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Hi, Hermit.


We don't own a Keddie as yet (give me time to get the cash together and the time to travel...), but have a camper trailer, with solar panels and an Ark Pack battery system. What I can say is simply this - avoid the ebay sellers and go to a reputable dealer with a bricks and mortar shop. We went through Springers Solar in Brissy and have a quality solar panel product (120 watt) with two fold-up panels, quality regulator, quality cable, quality plugs and a guarantee. If anything goes bung (which it hasn't), then we would simply take it back. It's worth the extra for peace of mind. With regard to your HF station - I keep the power to 30 watts max, throw a doublet up in the trees as high as I can and it always works a treat. Often of late, I've gone QRP and used my 10 watt KX-3 with a 7 Ah SLAB and have amazed others with the signal. I recharge the SLAB off the battery/solar system through a mini charger.  


73 de Vulcan (VK4BZ)

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I will ditto Vulcans comments above.......speak to Springers they are very knowledgeable, they are certainly are after a sale....not saying in anyway, don't buy from them.... but use their advice/recommendations.....in making a decision.

I (personally) have been a very happy customer of Springers for many years....

CU down the road.

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