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79 Series Cruiser S/cab tug for AT5 All Terrain?

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Seriously exploring a Kedron AT5 given the wrap i see they get, the offroadability and having been a tragic 'Gall Boys DVD's' fan on the many treks. 

Wanted to know who if any of the members here have experience towing a 21 AT5 with a 79 or 76 Cruiser for the them which have a standard Tare coming in around 3T.


I have a Lovells GVM upgrade on my '79 to 3900kg & GCM 7400kg but still have the towing limit of 3500kg to be mindful of so am really keen to learn of others' experiences and what sort of weights other than standard they think may apply, reconsiing that there is 260 ltrs/kgs in water (not always using all) and the normal setup... so is 300 odd KG after water, remaining, enuff to get gear in to get away to out of the ways spots... remembering i can always shuffle goods into the cruiser given i have lots of GVM space


Any thoughts would be appreciated        

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I think you'll be fine with that setup providing the unladen weight of Keddy is around 2900-3000kg. That leaves around 400kg ish for water and goods and as you said you can dump some of your gear into back tray of LC.

Anything above that eg TE with 3.5t+ will be a battle. Of course anything is doable, just depends on what speed you sit on and a lot of other stuff.

But an AT5 should be fine.

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