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Tyres for our Top Ender

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Hi Folk,


We are looking at replacing the tyres on our Van and are wondering what people are putting on their vans. We are after very durable tyres as we do a fair amount of off-road . Also what batteries are you useing when replacing your 12volt battery bank ?


Many thanks


Andy & Di

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Hi Andy & Di,

Just did a search on this post I put up four years ago.....



I'll put in my two bobs worth.

My van is a 19'6" ATV (10/07 delivery)

Have just recently fitted third set of tyres to it......originals where Wranglers wore them out in 40k or at least to a stage that required replacement before a trip across the Nullarbor, then fitted four BFG All Terrains......just about to start another lap of this great country so I thought I should get at least two new All Terrains to replace the original remaining Wranglers. Priced two new tyres ....gee have they gone up in price.

Did some homework & a bit of web surfing...... this what I came up with

Caravan tyres, they are trailing tyres NOT driving tyres, so you don't really need a super high performance aggressive pattern.

Construction, a bit of a no brainer really went for LT construction (Light Truck).

Load rating/index, I went for 120/123 which means each tyre is capable of carrying 1500kg x 4 = 6 tonne far in excess of the vans total weight BUT gives me a very good safety margin!

Speed rating 'Q' The speed category symbol, for example 'Q', indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its load index. So in this case, 'Q' would refer to a maximum speed of 160km/hour. I know.... I wont be towing my van at any where near that speed.... so again, a good safety margin!

Ply rating 10 ply (tread area) & 3 (on the wall)


So what did I choose.....

Maxxis 751 LT265 75 R16 ( http://www.maxxistyres.com.au/tyredetails.php?cat=3&id=37 )



I wanted a tyre that has a national dealer network

I wanted a tyre that didn't have an aggressive tread pattern ....less likely to throw stones but at the same time an 'open pattern' to get rid of mud.

I wanted a tyre that was quieter than the Wrangler & BFG AT

I wanted a tyre that was sensibly priced (I was quoted $240 each but after trade in on the 4x50% worn BFG's 1x60% worn Wrangler & 1 new Wrangler they came down to $210 each.... happy camper).


Am I happy with my choice?....

Well they have been on for nearly two months now, I have already done 6,000k's on them mainly black top with only a few hundred k's of dirt ....so far....possibly a little bit to early for a definitive report BUT looking very good at this stage!


In closing three things I want to mention....

1. Wheel alignment....VERY IMPORTANT if you live in/near Brisbane or travelling through contact John Jamieson Trailer Service 0431109175 a very good operator & know 'his stuff' he is a good NO 'BS' sort of guy...... if you have geographic difficulties use your local truck or trailer wheel aligning service..... SERIOUSLY I am using 1 litre less per 100k's of fuel since having a wheel alignment.... it just tows so much easier! :-)

2. I have NO association with Maxxis or John Jamieson other than being a happy customer.

3. I'm running 60psi pressure in these tyres (on the black top)



CU down the road



EDIT 20/6/14

As I write this I'm huddling inside the van @ Point Souter (Barkers Rocks) on the Yorke Peninsula....it's quite cool & windy outside!

I have travelled just on 25,000k's with these tyres now, with roughly half the k's being on black top & the other half being dirt/sand, in all it's different offerings from good quality to very poor gibber type roads, there has been a few slippery muddy sections also.

Overall I've been very happy with the performance of these tyres.

Tyre wear has been more than acceptable with NO chipping of the tread.


Am I happy with these tyres....YES


Again I have no affiliation with Maxxis :-)'


17/6/18 Additional comments 

I still have this set of tyres on my van, I estimate that I would have about 10,000k left on them, would/will I buy them again, yes.

Pricing above is four years old so you would have to check.



I have just recently (March) changed out my 'Ritars' (same as factory/Kedron fitted) paid the extra for Full Rivers.....so far so good!

You'll be looking at about $400 each for the Full Rivers.

I just could not justify the cost of doing a Lithium conversion....definitely will have Lithium on my next van.





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Good Evening Andy & Di

We purchased our van May 2007 & before I took delivery I talked to a Tyre Company in Cairns who supplied my Tyres for years as we were Builders on Cape York & lived in Cooktown & when I said we were getting an off road Van he said put Maxxis Tyres on and you will not have any problems so we supplied them and Kedron fitted them for us and this is the only brand we have used over the life of the Van, I run them at 38 PSI every where, on the Tar, Gibb River Road, Great Central, around the bottom of the Gulf of Carpentaria  and I have only had one destroyed just south of Broken Hill. We have just replaced our 3 AGM Batteries again for the 3rd time at a cost of $900 for 3 / 130amph AGM Batteries, they were a bit cheaper this time the set before  were done by Kedron for $1050. So Tony is on the mark with the Tyres.

Safe Travels


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I fitted Hankook RF10 LT 265/65 R17. These are all terrain tyres . only jusrt went on



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Thanks for the info folks, all very helpful



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