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Great Central Road Track Report

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We are camped at the Western end of the GCR, about 50 kms from Laverton, and have Internet! I think that is due to what looks like a mine down the valley....

Anyway, here is a rough report on the condition of the road.

Left Alice 8.30am, arrived Yulara about 1pm...filled up with fuel, thru the entry pay station to Uluru and onto the GCR. Let down tyres at start of bitumen, just past Olgas.

The Road was mostly quite good we felt, with some patches of corrugations every now and then. There were several stretches of 20 or 30 kms of bitumen and road crews are working on extending the bitumen at the Western end.

Passed or had pass us about a dozen vehicles each day on the first three days. On the fourth and fifth days we found there was more traffic, which increased the closer we got to Laverton. Bitumen was 20 kms just to West Of Warburton and again starts 132 kms West Of Warburton for 32 kms.

Each of the communities of Docker River, Warakurna and Warburton now have phone reception. And the hamburgers at Warakurna are just as good as I remember. New staff are working at Tjukayirla and appear full of enthusiasm (although the door opens on the dot of 9am and not one minute earlier. A police van was waiting for over half an hour but couldn’t get fuel any earlier either  :D 

The area was dry but there is still good grass cover on the land. Interestingly, apart from two camels, and one dingo, we saw literally no other wildlife. I don’t recall seeing a single kangaroo. At night we heard no dingoes.

I am working on a full report. With photos. We like photos.

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