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Caravan Drought Relief Fundraiser

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 A fundraising caravan muster for drought relief is being held on 29 September to 1 October. 


The organisers have provided our group with a flyer which they have asked us to distribute to our members in the hope that they may be interested in attending one of the events.  Given the enormity of the drought and its impact, this is a worthwhile initiative.


The flyer is below.  


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We have booked & paid......looking forward to this muster @ Jandowae.

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Hi all,

Arrived here this afternoon, made to feel very welcome in this friendly town.

There are thirty plus van and motor homes here, well set up area here at the showground.

Lyn Astill is here in her motorhome, she is trying to get to Kilkivan if the planets align.

A couple that Clive & Sandra Saunders meet on their recent WA trip John & Karen Siddle are here also in their TE, working on them to join, unfortunately due to geographic difficulties they won’t be able to attend Kilkivan this year.

The organisers here have done a great job, barefoot bowls this arvo and dinner at the local bowls club, a local farm tour tomorrow, rodeo tomorrow night. Sunday local touring, entertainment at the pub on Sunday before the footy final and a camp oven dinner 🥘 

The local area is very dry......maybe not as dry as some of the country Annie and I have seen in the last fortnight.....but believe me these people are doing it tough.

Funds raised this weekend are being distributed to those in need by the local Lions Club.

Photos of amazing trash, treasure, collectables, antiques and some really amazing rare stuff worth LOTS at this local property we visited this morning.....four shed’s of it and so much outside, lovely welcoming family.












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