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Chevrolet GMC owners

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I am considering one of the above vehicles


Have you had any problems with

1. The bulk of the vehicle and its turning circle (parking and In van parks etc)

2. Reliability and the DPF system


Thank you for your time





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Hi Jaap,

Any ‘new’ vehicle is always going to be daunting, wether it be size, handling, braking......with time comes experience and confidence in your new ride!

I have no qualms driving my GMC through peak hour city traffic.......but being truthful the turning circle is certainly greater than a 200 or similar....but with experience & familiarity with the vehicle it will become second nature!

My vehicle is now in its third year of ownership (from new) I had a couple of conversion related issues (minor) fixed at the first service.

Since then I’ve had two exhaust temp sensors ‘fail’ and they have been replaced under warranty....no dramas!

Would I purchase another Chev/GMC yes in a heartbeat, BUT I do miss some of the creature comforts of Toyota, that sadly the yanks don’t fit as standard. 

Our vehicle now is approaching 70k in just over two years.....no unusual traits or funny things happening.

But when you go bush in a jap vehicle, I maybe had a false sense of security knowing that you could by parts at the local chemist (almost) if you had a problem with the yank truck (regardless of brand) that feeling of security sadly isn’t there....for me anyway.

Being a qualified mechanic, I can service and repair my vehicle with NO warranty implications, Not that would know what dealers are charging for servicing....that’s one cost (@retail) I don’t have to worry about.

Can I respectfully suggest you during your research on your proposed purchase, consider getting quotes on insurance comprehensive and third party and other ON costs just to compare with what you are paying for your current vehicle.......remembering your really a jumping into another class of tow vehicle. 

Towing my Kedron, I REALLY am getting better overall fuel consumption figures than what I was getting in my 200....we are at Chinchilla at the moment (heading west) dash display showing 17.2 lts per 100k’s......around town figures are slightly higher than the 200.


Go ahead....take the plunge, you won’t be sorry!


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Hi Jaap,


I have had my GMC for 6 years now and we have been on the road full time. I would have to say that after a week of driving it, it feels like any other vehicle in regards to bulk. The surprising thing for me when I first purchased it, is that it is only 38mm wider than my patrol.

As for the turning circle, ............. yes it is slightly bigger, however it is not extreme compared to the F trucks.

In regards to caravan parks, I have always requested a larger site because of the van and I can honestly say I have not had an issue to date.

In the six years we have covered just about all types of road conditions as we worked very remotely in Aboriginal communities and have not had any issues. I have never had an issue getting parts come service time either. All the filters are AC Delco which I have found to be a lot cheaper then the Cruiser and Patrol filters. I have found that most Holden dealers stock anything I have required.

Oddly enough, I have had many discussions with travellers complaining how hard it is to get parts for main line 4x4's once they leave the cities as nobody seems to keep stock any more.

For me, The GMC has been an excellent vehicle for the purpose for which it was purchased. It is an excellent tow vehicle and its 4x4 capabilities has been very surprisingly impressive.

Good luck with your research


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