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Topender or similar parts for sale

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A very good friend of mine recently had a ‘mishap’ with his Topender, which resulted in his van being declared a complete write off.

Before the insurance truck came to collect his ‘old’ van he was able to remove/salvage some of the goodies from his prized van. They are listed here below for your viewing and possible purchase. 

I am listening this for my mate, Darrell as he no longer owns a Kedron he is not a member of this group and as such can not access these pages to list for himself.

Ifany of these items are of interest to you please contact Darrell on, zero four two five 288777.

pick up would be Terrey Hills ((Sydney) or freight at your cost. Prices may be negotiable. 

1. 2  (two) unmarked genuine Kedron rims one with

a Dunlop Grandtrek AT1 90% tread left and new wheel cover asking $300

the other

a brand new Toyo AT11 LT 265 70x16 with new wheel cover $300

2. SOLD 1 Enerdrive 30 amp DC 2 DC charger, quality product, only a few months old still under warranty,

cost $700 new couple of months ago....ASKING $350 SOLD

3. Sterling Power 240 volt 30 amp charger/battery management system, only a few months old still under warranty, cost $800 new couple of months ago....ASKING $400

4.  2 (two) Jerry can holders 2 (two) Suburban Hot Water Anodes & 1 (one) kitchen drawer ....asking $50 for these. (Stone screen SOLD)

Any interest please contact Darrell on, zero four two five 288777.

Cheers.....he is a great, NO BS sort of guy, will not give you the run around!





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