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In van charging Ipad Pro and Macbook Pro off AGM battery

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Hi all,
Can you help me check the best way to charge, while bush camping with no power, my Ipad Pro (USB C) and my MacBook Pro.
I have a 120Ah AGM deep cycle battery.
I have 2 cigarette lighter type ports in van.
So I am considering with 12v connector with USB, and also maybe a 240v inverter with PPT plugs.
Thanks. Ken.

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We have an inverter in our van and generally use it however for extended stays and lousy weather at times we have also used power banks as well.  They can be charged whilst you drive to and from places in the car for the day or when you go to the next place.  Ordinary small one will work on phone and ipad I am using Cygnett 15,000mah.  Picked it up from a telstra shop in our travels.

macbook pro requires a much stronger power bank.  I am using Cygnett USB-C 27,000mah.   Picked this up from Harvey Norman shop after much mucking around.  These can be precharged and only have to be topped up when needed.

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Hi Ken,

if you decide on an inverter, a 300 watt pure sine wave inverter would be needed for the MacBook Pro. I don’t think a modified sine wave inverter will charge the MacBook.




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