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owiKedron with Nissan Patrol 4.2 TD

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I don't own a Kedron but am very interested in them. I would like to hear from people that tow them with Nissan Patrol 4.2TD and how the Nissan handles it.



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Hello Evan,

We pull a 16 foot Kedron XC wieghing in at a touch over two tonne empty and about 2 1/2 tonne loaded with our 2005 Nissan 4.2 turbo diesel ute. This is the maximum allowed for this model and we have no problems towing it.

We cruise at around 90 to 100 kph on the highway in 5th gear ok but need to go through the gears when going up a long climb. We can usually traverse Cunninghams Gap in second gear.

You will need to use a weight distribution hitch to keep the draw bar of the van level with the back of the ute and it feels stable behind the vehicle.

We have had no modifications done to the vehicle and the fuel economy is around 5 1/2 kms to the litre, compared to about 8 km to the litre not towing.

I travelled with this rig to Birdsville. down the Birdsville Track and back along the Strezeleki track with out any major incidents.

The Vehicle tends to hop a little bit in 4WD though but this might be a tyre inflation problem.

Hope this informartion is of some assistance,

Fieldsie :thumbsup:

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