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LC200 TD problems

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#1 Juanita Johnson

Juanita Johnson

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Posted 07 February 2010 - 09:27 PM

We have an LC200 diesel with 19'6ATV weighbridge weight 6.72tonne. The vehicle has covered 38,000klms mostly towing the van. We often travel in convoy with a similar LC200 with 18,000klms and a similar van. Also an LC100 with the same van. All are the same weight.

Both LC200 have the same issue. On about the last 600metres of both Cunningham Gap Road and the Moonbi Range at Tamworth the LC200 is in second gear and the ECU will limit the vehicles to 2200RPM. It will not kick down to 1st gear although it can be changed down manually. The 200 will obviously push the 100 for the bottom part of the climb and when this condition occurs the LC100 would be 400metres ahead at the top of the range. On the one occasion we used Toowoomba range this did not occur. It appears that the exhaust gas temperature sensor is correctly doing its job and shutting the engine down. I suspect faulty sensors in both vehicles. Toyota have not heard of this problem and cannot fault find unless the diagnostic computer is attached whilst it is occuring. Obviously this is not always practical as it has only occurred twice.

Have any members experienced this condition. We travel in the 85-100k speed range and achieve 4.8 to 5kpl for the 200 series and the LC100 5.5KPL. My previous LC100 manual achieved 5.5-6KPL at the same speed towing the same van.

John Johnson (Bronco)

#2 Chris & Lynn

Chris & Lynn

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Posted 08 February 2010 - 08:00 PM

Hi John,

I'm afraid that I dont know the answer, but I suggest that your join the LCOOL website and ask the question there in the 200 series forum. Fantastic Landcruiser forum. We have just ordered a 200 series so I hope it isn't an issue with them all. Please let us know how you get on.



#3 glen hadden

glen hadden

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Posted 18 February 2010 - 12:47 PM

Hi John,

Your ecu will have logged a fault code which can be extracted with the correct scan tool.

I expect that the limp home mode that you experienced would have been due to excessive exhaust temps as you thought.

I also have the 200 series towing a 19'6 ATV and have been up that same range but didn't hit the limp home mode however I have a EGT gauge which I drive by and backed off slightly when the temp rises too high.

Question??? Does the 100 series that travelled with you have a high flow exhaust fitted?


#4 Strongwhite



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Posted 09 April 2011 - 10:47 PM

I have a TD 200 series (2010) and would like to install an EGT probe. Any clues or input regarding the best way to do this?

#5 Juanita Johnson

Juanita Johnson

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Posted 09 May 2011 - 08:16 PM

Hi Paul,

I have a pyrometer fitted to my 200 series as I had on the two 100 series previously and two 80 series prior to that.
The unit is a digital unit called thermogard and is sold by Ian Petersen phone 0409 488 682 or email ian@thermogard.com.au I paid $300 for the kit. The head is about 60mmx30mm and about 50mm deept. It fits nicely behind the streeting wheel on top of the steering column fixed with double sided tape.

Several of my mates have these fitted also. They have high and low reading retention that is cancelled by a button on the unit. I have been using the VDO capilliary type on other equipment for years and find the thermogard far more concise and quick acting.

The highest reading on the 200 has been 539C and I prefer to keep all engines below 550 for longevity. This is reading downstream of the turbo, which is by far the easiest place to install. If you went to the trouble of fitting upstream the reading would be about 200c higher. On level road empty the normal operating range is 320 to 400c and towing 350 to 450c.

The unit is installed in the drivers side turbo dump pipe as this is easily accessible under the mudguard. It is not necessary to fit dual units on a road vehicle as it is not under sustained periods at peak power asis a truck or industrial application (say gen set) where a V16 unit is under maximum load say 2200kw continuously. On a small vehicle you simply feather the throttle to reduce fuel burn and reduce temperature.

I have also fitted a temp gauge to auto transmission output line to cooler and reading towing on level is 80-110c. Have not yet towed up steep range with temp gauge fitted.


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