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  1. Hi we are heading off in a couple of weeks from Perth to Darwin via the Great Central Road has anyone been this way lately if so loved to hear from about the condition of the roads reece
  2. Hi Colin we replaced our Ritar batteries which came with the van with 3 Lion batteries got them from Battery Business in Sydney ( good guys ) and could not be happier . The he guys at B B highly recommends them . regards reece
  3. reece


    Hi I look like having to replace the battery in the 200 series that runs the engel would appreciate any feed back on the best replacement battery to go for. regards Reece
  4. Hi I had to replace mine got them from Barryery Business in Narrebeen in Sydney then brand was Lion and are very happy with them BB were great to deal a guy named Clive they really know the business. Regards Reece
  5. Hi I just read in a magazine a bit of clove oil in some warm water does the trick. Regards Reece
  6. Hi Tony I had my birthday early December. Regards Reec
  7. Hi all Thanks for that. Regards Reece
  8. Hi I remember reading on the forum some fixers to get rid of ants in the van but cannot find it on the forum seem to remember it included Borax. Would welcome any recipes . Regards Reece
  9. reece


    Hi pete Thanks for that I was not very clear in my post but we were looking at Brisbane to leave the car and van. Reece
  10. reece


    Hi We have to go to Sydney for a few days can anyone recommend a caravan park clause to the airport where we can leave the van and car Regards Reece
  11. Hi Alan Thanks for that. Regards Reece
  12. Hi Has anyone used one of those roll up flat water hoses, iOS so what do they think about them. Regards Reece
  13. Hi Danny We have a T/E and it is fitted with 2 engels one on top of each other , no outside vents, the van is 3 years old and to date no problems, we ofteN shut one down if not needed. Another point is if one breaks down we still have a fridge. Regards Reece
  14. reece

    Pebbly beach

    Hi Thanks for the info guys. Regards Reece
  15. Hi Has anyone taken their van into Pebbly Beach NSW , I would welcome any comments. Regards Reece
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