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  1. Hi Gary. Been trying to contact you via email. Is everything ok?

    Sue - kedronatv2@gmail.com

  2. We had one of these little suckers fitted to the van. 'No second takers' />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDrzMGdYWZc
  3. Hi Sue, 'Happy Birthday' and have a great day. I guess it's already started with the overwhelming present of the 'Special Edition Kedron'. Wow, retired...full time traveler...won't be long before you qualify for the pension. lol. Just take a number, you will be behind me. Safe travels Gary & Kaye
  4. Hi Laurie, Do you have the 'dieso heating system with fuel tank' on the TE? The line would be primed with fuel plus what's in the fuel tank. The hot water system tank and piping would have fluid in it, plus the water piping to all taps /shower from the water tanks. Then there's the toilet cassette. Is the washing machine bone dry. The drinking water filtration unit if you have one. It's surprising how it all adds up. Becomes an interesting and frustrating subject when you look into it!! Good luck with your investigation. Cheers Gary & Kaye
  5. Hi Everyone, Thank you for the informative replies, it has helped me to make my decision. It's great to have this Forum to bounce a few questions off, as there's a wealth of knowledge out there. I'll now keep my money and put it into dieso for the next trip. Safe travels Gary & Kaye.
  6. Hi Everyone, What's the general consensus of opinion about caravan covers, especially the quality covers that offer protection against all weather and the formidable 'Hail Stones'. My geographic location being the Hinterland of the Gold Coast can produce some powerful weather and sizeable hail stones. Currently I have viewed (via the internet) hailsafe.com.au & caravancovers .com.au I would appreciate your feedback on products tried & tested by the end users. Cheers Gary & Kaye
  7. Hi Chris, Congratulations on being Moderator for the KOG Site. Best wishes to you both for 2012. Safe travels Gary & Kaye
  8. Hi Folks & Merry Xmas to All, The vans main water pump has presented me with a problem. "Adjustment" . I'm referring to the central adjustment screw on the front of the water pump. Firstly, the secondary pump, that used for the filtered water at the main sink, is fine. This I reset using the adjustment screw. It's a bit noisy but aren't they all. The length of run time after you turn the facet off is quick to shut off, with no cavitation or tick tick sound at the end. The same cannot be said for the main water pump. I have spent considerable time going from fully open to fully closed with the adjustment screw. I have bled the water tanks and lines of air. I have all tanks shut off at the filler point. I only operate from one water tank at a time. Currently, the main pump is very slow to shut down, it has cavitation, it has an audible tick tick sound at the end of it run. And is very noisy, noisier than it's counterpart. Be it using the kitchen sink, shower, bathroom vanity, or flushing the toilet........ the above problem statement presents itself. When we first bought the van all the pumps required an adjustment. After that initial adjustment the problems was not present. Since having a few trips away and giving the van a good work out on it's 'shake down trials' I can no longer reach that happy medium with the main water pumps adjustment. Who else has this problem and what did you do to rectify it. I may need a replacement from Kedron being the last resort. Appreciate your feed back Safe travels Gary & Kaye
  9. Hi Leno & Denise, May I suggest a phone call to WINCOM Australia. These guys seem to know there way around the traps. The IT Manager is Mathew Colgrave Mobile # 0411704391 (office) 07 32057999 There location is Brendale QLD. They set us up with 'pigtails & extension cable' for my old technology mobile phone. I now utilise my Marine Antenna on the ATV. Hopefully they can do the same for all you guys. Safe travels Gary & Kaye
  10. Hi Tolley, I will have to give this towing game a little more of a user trial. Make a few adjustments here and there and put all of this down to being part of the learning curve. Appreciate your reply, if I find out what I'm doing right or more to the point wrong, I will post it, so watch this space. Safe travels Gary & Kaye
  11. Hi Kakadu, We too had an incredible experience that we are not likely to forget when Kedron Caravans & crew looked after us throughout the whole process of customising a new van. Meeting Kedron (the Gall Boys) at shows, doing the nickel tours (2) through the factory, doing the meet & greet with the Kedron Team gave us a great insight as to who really does make the best van on the market. Stan, was our main point of contact, and was excellent, nothing was too hard always obliging. He help us to navigate through the maze of self professed experts that were out there. Lisa, was always there to help answer the questions and fix up the tours and answer Kayes questions. Kaye and Lisa got together and did the colour scheme thing, I was out my depth in that department. All the Gall Boys, helped us with everything from a van technical stand point to upgrading our vehicle, all of which has turned out perfect. Ben, Graham and a host of others, did the installations, carpentry, electrics and they advised us in customising the van. Whilst the van was going through production we saw & borrowed a few excellent ideas, and made a few changes, as you do. The interior decor and leather is superb thanks to the skills and advise given from Lorraine. I think Lorraine would have done yours as well Kakadu. Not Maureen. Terry & crew came up with some great ideas in the carpentry department and Graham created the plans for a linen press under the bed. Johno was the first person we spoke to when the van had only just entered production. On that particular day he was laying the frame and suspension etc.....and gave us a great insight to all that goes on is his patch. There were so many people we spoke with when we went to the factory twice a week for 5 weeks, to do the happy snappy and follow the Baby through production. It was this that helped us to create the van we had always dreamed of owning. We have had and continue to have a marvellous experience with Kedron. The other people that helped us were Kedron Owners. We met at least 10, on the road. They made the time and showed us there vans and talked about the overall experience. Last but not least the 'Koggers Forum'. What a great bunch of folks sharing a lot of valuable information. This to took some of the mysticism out of being a novice caravaner. Thanks Guys. Since our pick date, we have done two shake down trials. One a lot more vigorous than the other, and with anything new, big and heavy, but more to the point being in the hands of the inexperienced, you are always going to have little teething problems. BUT, to the credit of Kedron they standby there product, as well as you, and fix it to the customers satisfaction. Tom we thank you for the advice and back up service, plus the phone calls when we have been a 100 miles from nowhere, confused with water pumps, and battery synchronisations etc etc. but all is good. Lisa has also been there to fend the phone, and share the information and support when required with Kaye & I. The product, the service, be it pre sales or post, has been second to none. We have had a marvellous time and would do it all over again without a second thought. Kaye & I would like to thank everyone (and I'm sorry if I have not included your names, no disrespect intended) for all the above and more. We wish you all a very Happy & Merry Xmas, and a safe prosperous New Year. See you in 2012. Our fondest regards Gary & Kaye ATV2 01237
  12. Hi Guys, Appreciate the feed back and will be making further enquiries about these Silent Armour tyres and there pressures. Beaurepairs wrote it in my invoice as to what pressures to use. Kedron know these tyres very well, especially the MTR. The part I'm trying to get a 'handle on'...at the moment Is the combination of air belows, an upgraded suspension, the WDH and the McHitch 6 tonne tow point. Is there a relationship here which is different from the normal 4x4 configuration which has an effect on comfort of ride and stability with an adverse response from the WDH when on those country undulating roads, or slight offroad conditions or doing roundabouts and tighter turns. My reason for asking: When we were using secondary roads into the Armidale area these roads had a roughish bitumen surface and undulating. I also did a couple of what I thought were not so tight turns. When we arrived at our next free camp I noticed the chain hook brackets were loose and had been sliding up and down the vans main beams. On further examination the brackets were slightly bent, expanded. I left the WDH off and later had them repaired in Broken Hill. The roads we were planning to travel out frpm Broken Hill to Camerons Corner were not suitable for WDH, so left them off for the remainder of the trip. The ride was a bit 'see-sawry', (if you get my drift) in an up and down motion only. Side to side was not an issue. Based on current feed back my tyres were overinflated. The bellows were at 26psi. When I was using the WDH they were hooked up on the 6th link. So, what are the limitations here. I determine a tight turn when the rear of the vehicle is almost making contact with the Stone Guard / Bra. As indicated I don't use the WDH offroad. My loads both in the vehicle and the van were below my allowed capacity. Your comments on this subject is appreciated. Safe travels Gary & Kaye PS. Hope you don't mind me adding this into your original Post / Thread, Richard. We have the same vehicle and it's relevant to a set up.
  13. Hi Richard, I also tow an ATV2 21ft with a L/c 70 series cab/chas using a McHitch 6 tonne towing hitch. I'm not cramped for space or have any difficulty with the Hayman Reece set up or pin that was provided by Kedron. Works very well for me. Mark & Simone, I have just finished a 3 week trip out and around the Corner Country mostly on bumpy road surfaces and a lot of offroad dirt work. I followed the advice given by Kedron and Beaurepair in relation to tyre pressures, however not all worked out so evenly. My tyres are the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armour on both the van and vehicle. On road tyre pressures were 50 psi all round on the vehicle, and 55 psi on the van. Offroad vehicle pressures were 46 psi and van was 50 psi. However, my vehicle has an upgraded suspension with Nitro Sports shocks, Dacar Heavy Duty Leaf Springs, and Heavy Duty Coils Springs, add to that I have Air Bellows The belllows were set at 26 psi. I did check them at one time after some driving and the van was still attached and they were at 30 plus (I have forgotten the exact reading). Reading your last post and your trip report are you suggesting there is a correlation that effect tyres pressures, and smoothness of ride within all this, I suppose you could add the WDH to the formula as well. My reason for asking is I noticed the van tyres ran well with tyre wear, however the vehicle is showing slight centre of tyre wear indicating over inflation. My van would have been 3 tonne My vehicle carries a load, as my fuel tank is 250 ltrs and 60 ltrs of water plus gear. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated Cheers Gary & Kaye
  14. Hi Crow, A picture is worth a thousand words they say. I like your idea and what you have done. On the Landcruiser 70 series we have the larger mirror wing. Not sure that's going to be of any benifit as you can put your mirror out from the vehicle as far as your extension is long. Did you buy the angle and manufacture the finished product. Is it stainless or aluminium. What did you ask for, and where did you buy the materials. Thanks for the photo, and reply. Safe travels Gary & Kaye
  15. Hi Den, Col & Richard, The modified mirror bracket you use, is this an aftermarket product, or something you have created in your workshop. Did you have to drill additional holes. I'm getting by with the Ben @ Kedron modification. That is drilling a hole in the outside edge of the frame. It allows that litle extra to see down the van. Richard, if I come across anything worthwhile I will send you a message. Also try looking at my post on the Caravaners Forum. There is some interesting replies. Appreciate the replies everyone. Thank you. Safe travels Gary & Kaye
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