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  1. G`Day Graham & Alan We have had our new Vitrifigo for about 4 months now and so far it has been very good. The hinges are a lot stronger there are 2 shelves in the freezer, 1 at the bottom. The freezer itself is integrated with the fridge instead of just hanging loose.Even with the old heap we never had a problem with keeping food cold.As you said if we wanted to change brands it would have required extensive alterations in the van to fit. Power wise it has never been a prob. Draws about 4.5 amps on average. They seem to be a lot more efficient when full.We claimed on insurance with the old one and got about $600 back based on fusion. Cheers Rick & Lea
  2. G`Day John We have had troubles since the start with the fridge .We replaced the ECU in WA ,just out of warranty and Vitrifgo didn`t want to know about it. The door fell off twice and nearly all the shelves have broken at some stage. It finally gave up the ghost on the Corner Country trip when the compressor burnt out.It would have cost nearly as much to repair as to replace it.So we did.The new model has a few different things. The freezer is part of the fridge,rather than separate and looks a bit more solid than the old one. And it has a LED light.time will tell. Cheers Rick
  3. RickA

    Midgie mesh

    G`Day David. No ,don`t have a Heiki hatch. Have done 4 small and 2 large windows and have run out of mesh (bugger) I have 2 to go ,so back to Qld. (by email) for another 2 metres.Has anybody replaced there door fly wire with midge mesh? Cheers Rick
  4. RickA

    Midgie mesh

    No problemo Mr Heat Here y'ar! Midgie mesh replacement Have fun Lea
  5. RickA

    Midgie mesh

    Well we have finally started to change the fly screens on the van to Midgie mesh.Have done the 4 small widows successfully.It wasn`t as hard or fiddly as I thought. The only hassle was getting the mesh in S.A.They haven`t heard of it down here. (go figure) I had our Son send some down from Qld.There is enough left for 2 of the large windows,but will have to get some more sent down.We had the easy to follow directions for the job on the computer with lots of pictures.So anyone thinking about it, go ahead and do it. All up cost about $60. Cheers Rick & Lea
  6. G`Day Barney Welcome to the KOG forum.Bleach will not kill mold,it just gets rid of the top layer which will quickly grow back. Try several layers off cleaning vinegar,with a couple of hours between each layer. If that doesn`t work you will probably have to cut,scrape,dynamite!? the sealant off and re-apply new.We have been members off KOG for about 7yrs. now and I have also wondered what temp.Mod. means. Cheers Rick & Lea
  7. The new Vitrifrigo that we have recently installed has a an LED light as standard.It certainly lights up the whole fridge. It appears to have 4 Leds in it. Cheers Rick
  8. We are now back in Port Augusta for a couple of days to finally have the new fridge installed.The Vitrifrigo crapped itself on the Corner country trip. One of the reasons we pulled out. It will cost about $2600 including freight from Canberra and labour.Hopefully we can claim some on insurance(under fusion).We are now settled into our new property sit and have enjoyed a bit of rain ,which was desperately needed.So now all the tanks on the property are now full.We will be there until early Sep. So if you are up our way ( near Cowell) drop in and say G`day. Cheers Rick & Lea
  9. JK I know nothing of which you speak! You must be confusing that matelot (correct spelling )person with somebody else.But I have been known to knock up a good scran occasionally. Cheers Rick
  10. G`Day Stu & Jean Welcome to the forum.We also have a basin in our 6 year old ATV2 and have used the basin once. The first time was when it was new and like yourselves found it difficult to empty. We decided it was one of the most useless things on earth and have never used it since. Cheers Rick & Lea
  11. G`Day Pete Caravans Plus in Canberra sell parts for Dometic Seitz windows on line.caravansplus Cheers Rick
  12. We have always had excellent service from Tom and the boys.And this our second Keddy.
  13. An Easter gathering has been posted for some time now on the Gatherings Forum which is restricted to financial members of the Kedron Owners Group. We would now like to extend an invitation to ALL Kedron Caravan owners whether they be members of the KOG or not (interested in meeting other Keddie owners?) BRIEF DETAILS The gathering will be held on private property located on the Bulga Plateau, 10 km from Elands. The property adjoins State Forest and is approximately 65 km north-west of Taree. At present we have received advice from five (perhaps six) other KOG members that they will attend, and we have space for another six vans. If you are interested in finding out more details of the gathering, please contact us direct at ricklea2@live.com.au. We would love to make you welcome and allow you to share our enjoyment of this beautiful remote region.
  14. Got it in one Sue. Cheers Rick
  15. Slow down dammit I haven`t finished the first one yet! Cheers Rick & Lea
  16. RickA

    Roof leak

    G`day Tony & Annie I hope your leak is now fixed. Don`t forget to see The Wall at Derwent Bridge if you haven`t already done so. Cheers Rick & Lea
  17. We run our heater for about 30 mins. once a month flat out. Since initial problems about 5 yrs. ago it hasn`t missed a beat.The only"service" we give it ,is to check inlets and out lets before firing it up for its monthly run. Cheers Rick & Lea
  18. G`Day Jabob I have emailed Chris. Our VP. She is an Adelaidien!! and may be able to help. Cheers Rick
  19. G'day Ken/Jennifer We have the same rear lights on our van. Someone? told me once that you have to squeeze the individual covers on the side and they unclip/pop out. I have never tried it! But you have to be careful not to crack them. If they are still working correctly despite a few leds not working I would live with it until after the crazy season is over. Cheers Rick
  20. G'day Ian I still have nightmares about our Vitrifigo breaking down in WA about 4yrs ago. If you can find someone over there that knows a little bit about them ,good luck. Can you adjust the cycling time on your fridge? It made a lot of difference when we finally got it fixed. We had the electronic box replaced, and the bloke adjusted the cycling time for us and it has been great since. Moisture on the outside is quite common especially when it is humid. Sorry can`t remember the name of the bloke who finally fixed it. Cheers Rick
  21. Hi John & Jo No, we take ours off and put in the boot when travelling. I threw the jockey wheel away and just use the flat plate and kept the jack up bar for punctures. (so far never needed).I could not see myself pulling a 3.5 tonne van around by the jockey wheel. Cheers Rick
  22. G'day John Replaced our jockey wheel with a Trailamate some years ago and have never looked back since. (have looked sideways occasionally) LOL. Cheers Rick
  23. Hi Lesley It looks like a young Diamond python. Pretty harmless. As for cooking methods, I think our black brothers just chuck em straight on the fire. It would be a mongrel of a thing to stuff though! LOL Cheers Rick
  24. G'day John, Jo & Brian As regards the Dust deflector, I spoke to Tom at Kedron who spoke to one of the welders, and the consensus was that the Dust deflector would create a vortex behind it, thus making the problem worse. As to the door dust leak, it is definitely not the door step. We can see where it is coming in around the hinges. So back to the drawing board. Cheers Rick
  25. Hi John & Jo Yes we tried that idea some time back. Result, ripped the flap off, then filled the van with dust. "Bugger". So we went with the sponge up in the inside of the vent( 4 seasons) trick. As I said earlier ,it looks a bit daggie but it seems to work. Now if we can now stop the dust from coming in around the door it would be even better. Cheers Rick
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