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  1. Well ,you are definitely taller,then again who isn`t? Cheers Rick
  2. We can highly recommend Tonys place in the Hunter valley. And he does a great lamb roast. Cheers Rick & Lea
  3. RickA

    Mobile phone

    G`day all We have 2 phones, Lea has a Nokia 710 smart phone,and I have a Samsung flip phone.Neither has an antenna connection. We bought a Cradle that plugs into the car Next G antenna which boosts the signal by about 2 bars depending where we are. We both have Telstra prepaid.The cradle is adjustable to fit either phone (one at a time). Cheers Rick & Lea
  4. So,let me get this right. If in our travels in the outback we come across some fine lookin cattle and we decide to remove a leg from one of the afore mentioned ,will it grow back or is this just a crab thing??!! Cheers Rick & Lea
  5. Hi Mal The road from Dalby to Millmeran via Cecil Plains is fine. All sealed. We are camped at Yarramalong Weir.about 23ks.SE of Millmeran.We will be here until tues 4th then on to Mill.Village CP to do some washing and top up with water ,then into the showgrounds on Wed. See you there. Cheers Rick & Lea
  6. G`Day all We recently spent 5 days at Nindigully Qld. When we arrived on the 5th Sep.we were approached by a fellow camper with a Kedron hubcap in their hands, and said it had been found the day before when there was a Keddy camped nearby. We now have the hubcap. So if anybody is missing one please let us know. Cheers Rick & Lea
  7. RickA


    Hi Guys I can add my endorsement to this product. I bought the HN6 just a month ago, and I love it already. I'm using primarily the topo maps at the moment as we are puttering around the SW QLD backblocks. I hope to find out how well the iGO (street by street) navigation software works when we head back to Brissie (sigh!!) (: Chris, make sure ARB give you a good demo of both the iGO and EzyOzi (cut down version of OziExplorer), and also take you through the settings of both briefly. It's worth the time because in places the User Guide and User Manual are not very clear. Hema have separate manuals for the 2 different pieces of navigation software. Enjoy Cheers Lea
  8. RickA

    Smev oven

    Dunmowin SWMBO suggests removing oven from van and place under wheels off very large passing truck. If you turn on oven flat out about 2 hrs. before using you may get it up to 170deg.There is supposed to be some sort of adjustment on the oven door to make it fit better ,but after 4 1/2 yrs we still haven`t found it. So bottem line ,cook things slowly or use the Weber babyQ. Cheers Rick & Lea
  9. Hi Richard and Celeste We have the problem occasionaly after a lot of dust.The fix I use is a fine needle or pin and a pair of needle nose pliers and give the jet a GENTLE reem out. It doesn`t take much to block them.A couple of piccies to help??!! Cheers Rick
  10. Hi Pete & Lyn Not that I know anything about conversions,but wouldn`t beefing up the suspension be part of it??? Cheers Rick
  11. G`Day Pete & Tracey No surprises there,we have always had excellent service from Tom and the rest of the crew at Kedron. As for wet & cold I am beginning to think there is no more warm and dry places left in OZ. at the moment. Cheers and safe travels Rick & Lea
  12. Hi Dunmowin We have done the same as Tony except using thinner wire (it is easier on the fingers to twist) It made a small difference ,but going with the retracting aerial sounds like the way to go. I believe Rod & Mavis had one fitted in there Kedron but I don`t know how it went. Cheers Rick & Lea
  13. RickA


    G`Day All Is there anybody out there using a Hema HN6,if so what are your comments and thoughts on its use and capabilities. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers Lea
  14. Please be advised that the Lawnton (Pine Rivers)show grounds on Gympie Rd. Lawnton will be closed from Fri 20th. July to Mon. 13th August for the setting up of the Pine Rivers Show.The caretakers have past on an apology for any inconvenience.The next nearest Caravan park is The Big 4 Brisbane Northside 763 Zillmere Rd. Aspley.( not cheap) Cheers Rick &Lea
  15. G`Day Alan & Jane Try Deb`s fix first especially in cutlery drawer, and if that doesn`t work try this one.It was done by Kedron about 3yrs ago and we have not had drawer problem since. I will attempt to put in piccies of fix. Cheers Rick & Lea
  16. G`Day Feildsie We replaced our thermostat and switch about 9 months ago(same symptoms).We had to get the part from a Camec Dealer in Canberra whose name escapes me now. But I did the job myself (so it must be easy) and the part was about $70. Cheers Rick
  17. Hi Russ Would you explain that again ,but a little slower??!! Cheers Rick
  18. G`Day Alan We have used Napisan for about 5years now and no longer use it in top tank.Had no seal probs and about every 6 months or so I soak the tank in Napisan and warm water for a couple of hours and comes up nice and clean. Then rub a tiny bit of olive oil on all the seals. Make sure you use the cheap Napisan ,for some reason it works better than the Brand names. Cheers Rick
  19. If you watch the latest Kedron DVD you will see that the Playdo (Prado ) can just about do anything. Cheers Rick & Lea
  20. Hi Chris Give the Flinders Ranges a big hug for us while you are there, and have a great trip. Cheers Rick & Lea
  21. RickA

    ANZAC Day

    I will be marching in Tewantin this year.Everybody have a great day and PLEASE remember what this day is about.We WILL remember them. Cheers Rick
  22. hi Alan & jane Out ATV2 is 4yrs. old and 2 panels in shade and 1 in sun still gives us just over 7 amps.per hr.I have no idea how they are wired. If in doubt ring Tom again and reconfirm the wiring system.He has always been very helpful to us. Cheers Rick
  23. G`day Mal & Kerry I am sorry but you have to belong to the Secret Worm Club to know this stuff!! LOL. I have attached 3 piccies of the furry worm/caterpillar.To take a photo of the furry bits (shortened version )is difficult because they are hidden from sight once installed. Basically they keep the bugs from crawling around the fly mesh and sides of windows when they are open. Cheers Rick & Lea
  24. Good luck with Bunnings. We are only about 12 ks.from Lake Mac.So if you need a hand to fit the kit give me a PM. Cheers Rick & Lea
  25. G`Day Tom & Jackie No they were not expensive surprisingly.We have 4 long windows and 4 square? windows. And the cost through local Camec dealer who had to order them from Dometic was $96.20 all up. Unfortunately you cant get window "parts" direct from Dometic as they only sell whole windows to the public.We spotted the invoice on delivery and the price for the dealer was $54 so a nice little earner for them?? You can buy lengths of furry worms from Bunnings ,but I don`t know wether it works out any cheaper.We went through Caravan repair centre in Caloundra Qld. If you get onto the Camec site ,they have a list of dealers. Cheers Rick & Lea PS When you order them they will probably ask for the window code!! number. They are found on the top right corner,on the outside of the window. It starts with AGS xxxx.They are very small and hard to find.
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