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  1. Hi rob, I had a similar set up to you on my tug and still got doubtful results. After speaking with Redarc in Adelaide I was advised to run another separate Pos & Neg HD wire directly from the trucks main charge wire to another Anderson plug on the rear and mount a 40amp DC/DC charger in the van ---- works like a dream now! Could be worth your while to speak with Redarc also. Regards, JK.
  2. yes Rick sorry about the spelling but I had to keep it in the style that Non Senior Service blokes understand Regards, JK.
  3. Good luck and safe travels Colin and all your companions. Best of luck keeping that matlow you have travelling with you in line; hopefully he hasn't forgotten how to cook - just the right person to do group meals for you all! Regards, JK.
  4. Thanks Colin, Email sent. Regards, JK.
  5. G'day Colin, with luck I hope to be able to escape my 'retirement' work desk shortly and head across to WA for a spot of gold prospecting and thought that I might give the longest shortcut a go to get us over to Laverton. I have been looking around the site for a copy of your trip report and travel .pdf's that you published last year but so far they have evaded me! Can you help please?? Regards, JK.
  6. Hi Merv, The Chevy has 18" rims fitted with Mickey Thompson ATZ 4rib. The extra spares and cases are the original Michelins. Regards, JK.
  7. Good luck with Ita Colin, not sure whether we will get any backwash down here! I'm about to start re-reading your GCR trip with the hope that we may be able to get away and give it ago 'soonish': Flying solo at this stage - the big Chevy tyres have me concerned but intend to carry 2 spares and two extra cases. Regards, JK.
  8. Hi Pete and Tracey, sorry to hear about your on-road drama, it is a scenario that has had my concern for some time. Thanks to all the help forthcoming it makes the repair job a little easier perhaps - I don't reckon I could get the front zip open it's always been very tight. Regards & good travels, JK.
  9. G'day RodnSue, ( Also have Rod & Viv Moon’s “Cape York Travel & Adventure Guide”. I have found both have a wealth of information thus far...I can’t wait to get the drive started.) Be a bit careful with some of Ron Moon's free camp recommendations: One glaring error refers to a dog friendly camp spot at 'Jake Lakes' across from Kalpower crossing. It is actually a site of major Aboriginal significance and is not available for access or camping. The Moons' have been asked to remove the reference from their books several times but have so far chosen to ignore the request. in any event the road out there is absolute Cr*p and I would be fairly confident that you would not drag the van through + not much of a visual spot either All that aside, hope you have a great trip and with luck we will be back up there again this year. Regards, JK.
  10. Thanks Graeme, filter arrived yesterday and looks good Regards, JK.
  11. G'day Greg/Cathy, I have my inspection done locally here in Maryborough but just looking you seem to have a few in your area! />http://www.roadsafeqld.com.au Had a look at this service and they seem to offer a mobile service as well which is always good. Sorry but I can't seem to make the web address appear as a hyperlink. Hope this helps. Regards, JK.
  12. Hi Colin, "When hitching this morning I wondered why the convention is to cross the safety chains. Anyone know? Regards Colin " also a question of geometry! with the chains crossed and you make a sharp turn, say to the right, it prevents the near side chain from over tightening or stretching. On the new Kedron 'full service option' I had mine done earlier this month. It is a new service devised by Tom & Ashley to offer clients a complete van service with everything checked/serviced ( Chassis, Suspension, Bearings, Brakes, Silastic integrity, HWS, Heater, Doors, Dometic windows, Batteries, Solar Panels, Chargers and more. as it was a new service they set an trial price of $500 for the first 4 vans booked to check their cost estimates but then had to adjust to the now current set price of $650. I was more than happy with the list of work done/checked on the Topender and it also gave my the opportunity to have some other jobs ( a full fit out of LED lighting) while the van was there. Needless to say I had no problems when having the heavy vehicle inspection for rego yesterday. I reckon it's good value and my wallet will be another $650 lighter next year. :) Regards, JK.
  13. G'day Kev, I am not familiar with the metalink canopy but the reversing sensors on my 2011 Chevy block when my weight distribution hitch is installed, are you sure that it is the canopy that is interfering? It's a pity that Performax appear to have a dose of the grumps at the moment. I had a bad response from them when I phoned last week and have also heard several other grumbles lately: Up till now they have been responsive whenever I make contact with them. Regards, JK.
  14. Good morning Merv, I must agree with Steve on this one, our TE tared in at 2985kg and there was no way that I could keep the weight down to anywhere close to the legal 3500 when packed for a reasonable trip. I spent an absolute fortune trying to upgrade the capacity of the Toyota only to find that when it came to upgrading the towing capacity from 3500 it had been made illegal throughout Australia. My solution was to have the TopEnder's tare lifted to 3990 by Kedron and purchase a Silverado HD2500. This has certainly solved the problem and allows me to rest easy without the thought of the consequences of a massive third party claim against me for towing overweight and uninsured. I have also found that the fuel consumption from the Silverado is better than what I was achieving from the Toyota. Regards, JK.
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