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  1. Hi Everybody. I received my insurance renewal to so sent Ken Tame an email to say our van has not turned a wheel for 2 yrs owing to ill health and now with the Coronavirus as well and Cook shire is in total lock down as you have to prove you have self isolated for 14 days before they will look at letting you back in, somebody from Ken Tame rang this afternoon and said there is no lay up allowed, so just have to pay up or see if another Insurer will do[ LAY UP]. Hope this helps and all stay SAFE until we can all travel again. TAKE CARE Neville & Kay.
  2. Has anybody changed there Blinds 0n their Dometic Widows & if so where did you purchase them from. Thanks Neville.
  3. Hi Paul I have a Dodge Ram 2500 one of the Walkinshaw converted ones sold through jeep, dodge dealers across Australia, new around $139 k or 1500 Dodge ram tow capacity 4.5 t, petrol Hemi motor around $90k. We are very happy with ours. Just google Dodge Ram Australia. Neville.
  4. Good afternoon Dennis Two options I would contact Kedron they might have some ideas, or contact Kendall Transport at Katanning in W.A. don't laugh but have seen Yogi on Out Back Truckers and he looks after his loads, he also won the Scania's driver competition. If you google KENDALL Transport you can decide for yourself at least it may be a start. I sure hope you get it sorted all the best and have many safe and happy Trips. Neville.
  5. Good Evening Andy & Di We purchased our van May 2007 & before I took delivery I talked to a Tyre Company in Cairns who supplied my Tyres for years as we were Builders on Cape York & lived in Cooktown & when I said we were getting an off road Van he said put Maxxis Tyres on and you will not have any problems so we supplied them and Kedron fitted them for us and this is the only brand we have used over the life of the Van, I run them at 38 PSI every where, on the Tar, Gibb River Road, Great Central, around the bottom of the Gulf of Carpentaria and I have only had one destro
  6. Geoff The bung was next to the outlet is 10 or 12 mm, I guess there are baffles inside but one can not see inside the tank as the holes are small. Neville.
  7. Good Morning Geoff & Marion I did this some time ago by removing the tanks from the Van which gave me better access for cleaning, there was also a plastic plug in our tanks which I removed, then partially filled with water & was able to give them a good shake & roll them around then letting all the water drain out, repeated this several times until clean water running out then for the last time filled with clean water & added the required amount of MILTON which is a cleaner you can get from the Supermarket, [used for cleaning babies bottles I think] let this sit for awhile
  8. Hi all HSV have just released Silverado Pricing the 2500HD LTZ IS $134990 due for release towards the middle of the year, pricing of all models is on Club 4x4 chev. pricing. The prices are getting better. Safe travels to all. Neville.
  9. Bryan I found with my dodge ram I could bolt a fuel pump and filter up to one of the cross members which were under the tub which I removed and put a intergrated concept canopy on, this works well. Neville
  10. Alex I think if you read through the GVM & TOW UPGRADES you will see plenty on the TRUE weights of Vans not what is written on Compliance Plates, as has been suggested many times. One should weigh Van yourself from new then weigh when you have loaded for a Trip, maybe you will get a shock at weight and remember when travelling you are generally picking up other stuff and this will increase your weight. Have safe travels and enjoy. Neville.
  11. Alex I would SUGGEST that you check what YOUR ACTUAL ball weight is with nothing in the Van on a weigh bridge and then check when it is loaded and maybe you will be shocked . I think if you look back through the threads as Tony suggested you will find plenty of reading on this. Neville.
  12. A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all hope you all have a safe Christmas & a lot of Wonder full trips in the New Year & I am a Proud Australian & it is our COUNTRY so Please if you do not like our way leave as some have stuffed their Country & now want to do it to AUSTRALIA. MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO ALL. Neville.
  13. Good Morning petdav30 I have not been on this stretch but in the Camps Book it is close to half way and has Mobil phone coverage and a Tick, [ Lake Hart Lookout ] it is 42 km. West of Pimba where you can turn off North to Woomera or another 47km. on to Glendambo South Rest Area [ also phone coverage] which is approx. 262 km from Port Augusta. If you do not have a Camps Book with Photos you may find it is worth its weight in Gold as over time the Places we have stayed at which we found in The Camps Book were priceless. Safe and Happy Travels. Neville & Kay.
  14. Good Morning Mike We have a 2007 Top Ender and when we got it new they told us that when travelling down the road always switch to 240 V then if you have left anything on like lights etc. they will be off and also the water pumps can not come on and pump your water out on to the road. The fridge runs only off 12 V and is wired direct to batteries and I think you will find a fuse under one of the battery box lids. Happy Travels Neville.
  15. Hi Graeme Have you checked the difference in measurements of F150 against say Dodge Ram 2500, the ford is only 137mm shorter and is wider by 20mm , and I think comes in a 5 lt petrol where Dodge has a 6.7 lt Diesel and the Dodge is approx. $139500 on the road where the Ford is a fair bit more. Which ever way you go ENJOY!!!!! Neville.
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