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  1. Alan Just a further follow up on this, Lovells Suspension have obtained approval to do a GCM upgrade combined with a towing upgrade to 4 tonne. I'm not sure what the GCM goes up to but it's bound to be over 7 tonne. The only problem is, Lovells' want $7,000+ for the upgrade which only involves a change of springs, shocks and towing hitch. This upgrade is available whether or not the LC200 is new and is apparently based on the back of the fact that, in the US, the same vehicle has a towing capacity of 4 tonne. It was apparently Toyota Australia's decision to down-rate it to 3.5 tonne.
  2. Hi Garry, My thoughts are: If your Kedron tanks are the same as mine they are grey plastic with Kedron impressed on them. An initial problem will be getting the inlets into the tank near to the top. I recall that I have separate inlets for sink and washing machine and a combined inlet for basin and shower. It would not be difficult to cut holes into the sides of the tank and one in the top for a breather. I had threaded holes welded into the tank but I'm sure you could buy some sort of adapter from a plumbing or irrigation shop to which you could affix a 1" hose. You might be able
  3. NSW Roads and maritime Services now has definitive information on its website. This would seem to me to be the end of the matter. http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration Interstate vehicles Any vehicle (including a caravan or trailer), which is driven on NSW roads must be registered in NSW. An exemption to this requirement applies when the vehicle is: temporarily in NSW, and currently registered in another state (‘the home state’), and displaying all the number plates and registration labels required by the home state. Interstate v
  4. I have now done a bit more research and received advice from RMS in NSW. The following is the text of an email I sent some time ago to Tom Smith, Chairman of the Australian Caravan Club. I urged Tom to circulate this advice to club members but have not seen a satisfactory response from Tom. Many caravanners seem to prefer to keep their heads in the sand on this issue. Kind regards Geoff Ward "I am here addressing the question of a caravan registered in Victoria, but used and normally kept in NSW. Once the right areas of the laws of each state are fou
  5. Are you annoyed by the poor radio reception of the radio installed in your Kedron? I was, and hopefully I've fixed it. I replaced the factory-fitted short aerial with a 1.65 metre marine AM/FM antenna. It was hard to find but Rural Industries P/L in Queensland (ask for Todd - sales@ruralindustries.com.au) tracked one down for me. Price was less than $100. See photos attached. I enlarged the hole inside the enclosed area above range hood and placed a 3mm x 100mm x 70mm aluminium plate on the inside of the external cladding to give the aerial a bit more support. It seems to work
  6. I think some of the comments and concerns about grey water turning to black water after 24 hours are a bit exaggerated. We have lasted up to 3 days without emptying the tank and when it was emptied, the water was fairly clean, non-smelling shower and sink water (no fat goes down our sink). It needs to be dumped responsibly, which means not in town, not in a national park which prohibits dumping, a good way away from any residences and areas likely to be accessed by the public. After our first trip with the tank, I drained the tank and stored the van. 3 months later the smell coming up
  7. I found that a bit of pool chlorine, 1:4 strength, about 10 litres of mixture, sloshed around by driving the van and then drained, keeps the smells away. After our first trip with the tank, I didn't do this and the smell in the shower booth, when we opened it for our next trip, was very noticeable. No smells after chlorine treatment. Kind regards Geoff
  8. Hi Alan I think that the GCM issue has been settled for the LC 200 - Toyota does not specify a GCM figure for that vehicle. I think it's also a pity that someone can't challenge the authorities on their GCM nonsense. What can it be afterall than the sum of the legal GVM of each vehicle. If the manufacturer were to specify a GCM for a re-rated tow vehicle, I bet it would just be to sum of the two. Regards Geoff
  9. Hi Alan, It's a bit old now, but I was wondering what you ended up doing. I got an ARB GVM upgrade by 280 kg. Best thing I ever did. Very stable towing. I've also got rear airbags which I inflate to about 30psi for towing. Kind regards Geoff
  10. On a recent trip around Tasmania, we found a few camp sites which had rules that prevented the disposal of grey water on the ground (no sullage drain was available). In one case, we were not permitted to enter the site unless we had a sealed grey water tank installed (which we did not have). I also found it to be mildly embarrassing when we park in a town somewhere for lunch and when we have finished the washing up and hand washing, there are a couple of pools of grey water under the van or flowing across the street. We therefore set about to install an extra tank for storage of grey wate
  11. Hi All Does anyone know of a lower wattage 240V electric kettle available in Australia? I have an 1800W inverter in my TE and, running a 2000w kettle, it suffers from low voltage cutout when more than about 120 A/H have been drawn from the batteries. A kettle with a wattage in the range of 1000W to 1500W would be ideal.. There are a few available in the UK but I can't find any in Oz. The 12V options from Waeco would be just too slow. Kind regards Geoff
  12. Hi Pete On the VIN plate on my LC200 it specifies a GVM of 3300kg, which I have had increased to 3580kg. There is no mention of GCM (Gross Combined Mass). On a separate stick-on label, a towing capacity of 3500kg is specified and a maximum ball weight of 350kg. If GCM is a legal figure we have to comply with, being a sum of GVM & GTM of caravan, it doesn't make sense to me, if the GVM of the tow vehicle has been increased by 280kg, that the GCM has not also been increased by 280kg to 7080kg - up from 6800kg. If you find out any more about this, I would appreciate a message. My email
  13. UPDATE I thought I should update this posting now that I have found out the "truth". I spoke with another NSW RTA person and he was adamant that ball weight IS included in the GVM of the tow vehilce. This is 3,300kg for a Land Cruiser 200 series. As the tare weight is about 2,700 KG and ball weight is 320kg, it only leaves 280kg for fuel, tools, passengers and whatever else you might want to carry in the back. I put my rig over a weighbridge fully laden. I found that the GVM of the Topender was 3,560kg (ie 60kg over legal with all water tanks filled). The Landcruiser was 3,480kg with c
  14. If the tow vehicle or the towed vehicle has a "garage address" in NSW, NSW law requires it to be registered here. If you reside in NSW, and have your vehicles registered in QLD, the first question an insurer would ask is were the vehicles properly registered. It would not be difficult to prove that they weren't if you registered in QLD to avoid the NSW provisions and normally kept them in NSW. You would then be unregistered and have no enforceable property or personal injury insurance. To me it is a no brainer and not worth the risk. If you are intent on not complying with the law, why waste y
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