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  1. We have been rejected for the insurance claim under Ken Tame, he states in his letter that it is structural failure due to wear and tear. The Assessor revealed both chassis have cracked from van bottoming out causing rails to crack on the pivot point, which defintely didnt happen. So not very hapoy.
  2. Hi Merv our van is December 2009. We chose to get the welding done once the assessor had viewed the chassis and we still havent heard whether Ken Tame are going to pay, will keep you informed
  3. Thanks for all your replies. I have attached two photos of the cracked chassis, its where the A frame joins the chassis. Will post a further update when we hear from the insurance company.
  4. We have just completed the Birdsville Track and at Mitchell we discovered the chassis cracked in two places where the A Frame attaches to the chassis. We have been told it could of been the road from Windorah and Mitchell, then we have been told from others that they put the blame on our Chevy Silverado, due to the chevy being so rigid. Has anyone else had this sort of problem.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, called Command and they said it is a safety feature, over 45 degrees it goes into a safety mode. So hopefully no more 45-50 degrees, starts to wear you out. It looks like a cool change is on its way, must of heard us praying. Thanks again Graeme & Helen Sullivan
  6. We are presently in Kalgoorlie 46 degrees, during the hottest part of the day our aircon comes up with error E5 on the display, can anyone give us the reason what E5 stands for.
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