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  1. Thanks for the info folks, all very helpful Andy
  2. Hi Folk, We are looking at replacing the tyres on our Van and are wondering what people are putting on their vans. We are after very durable tyres as we do a fair amount of off-road . Also what batteries are you useing when replacing your 12volt battery bank ? Many thanks Andy & Di
  3. I really dont want to see these tickets wasted, so if your keen to go, please make me an offer!!
  4. Hi all I have 2 adult tickets available for sale as we are no longer able to attend, our car wont be repaired in time. we paid $955.00 happy to let them go for $850.00, dates for the concert are 10/7 - 12/7, if anyone is interested please contact me. Thanks Di Grant Zero four one one 875576
  5. Hi all Yes we had a win with the insurance company, however the fight is not over, they may have overturned the decision to fix our truck but the communication from them to get things happening is dreadfull. I did however call KT to get a quote and they were not to bad on price, definitely someone we will consider at renewal time. anyway happy travels to all. Andy & Di Grant
  6. Thank you for your comments. Apparently the laws changed and farmers can no longer be held responsible financially however on the flip side it also means that we are not liable for the dead cow. we have asked for our complaint to be escalated to the IDR team, we now have to wait 45days to slow them to respond before we can go to the ombudsman. thanks Andy
  7. Hi GuysJust though Id share out recent experience with Club 4x4 insurance.We had an accident with a cow over easter, taking out the front of the cruiser. I tried to call the insurance company only to find they are only open Mon - Fri 8 - 4pm. Given that it was easter weekend I called them first thing Tuesday morning to advise them of the accident. I was asked to supply photos, dash cam footage, driving history and rego papers for the cruiser which i did. A few days went by and I hadnt heard anything from them, so i called and got told once they has something to tell me they would contact me.On
  8. We are currently at the big 4 in Mackay, enjoying what Mackay has on offer :}
  9. HI All Its been a while since we've posted to the forum. We decided on purchasing an offroad van, we researched the market and decided that we would by one from the opposition, we went to the caravan show ready to sign and pay money, we stood in the stand in the sight of the sales man (as they were busy) for about 30 mins waiting for someone to come to us, during this time we decided to check out the vans on display, needless to say we were disappointed, a big white chain up only allowing us access to about a meter inside the van, you were not allowed to open or close any cupb
  10. Hi Ricky We are new to Kedron Caravaning, in fact new to caravaning full stop, We have done plenty of traveling with a camper trailer. I can tell you that we researched caravans for nearly a 12 months before we made the decission, it is a lot of money to spend and you certainly want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. We purchased a top ender and although our van second hand and we love it. Coming to the Christmas gathering in Canungra would definately give you the opportunity to meet other kedron owners and pick their brains... They say customer testamonials is the best way to
  11. Hi All Just wondering if anyone else is has the 79 series ute as a tow vehicle and would you be interested in sharing your modifications you have done to your ute. We just pick our up, so far we are very impressed how it drives, however, we did try and hook our van up only to find the WDS we currently have is not compatable with the ute because of the lift it has, so we are having to purchase a longer hitch and heavy WDS to accomodate the height of the truck. We are fitting the new hitch this week and then hopefully (fingers crossed) we can see how the cruiser will perform towing.
  12. Thank you Tony the mirrors arrived yesterday and they look awesome. I will post a photo once they are installed. Regards Di
  13. Hi Tony Thank you for your message. Yes 2007 79 series. The fridge slide needs to be big enough to home a 40lt engel. Sorry I don't know the exact size. Thanks Di
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