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  1. Problem resolved -- drain and flush five times with more travel on rough roads which seems to have got the sediment into suspension -- also fitted five micron carbon filter - thanks again for the comments
  2. Thanks for the comment - hoping not to have to remove tanks but looks like the answer - where was the bung and did the tanks have baffles ??
  3. Need to remove twelve years accumulated sediment in two 80l and one 60l black poly water tanks in ATV. Problem caused by half inch drain point not at lowest point.Any suggestions ?? Only access is via filling/drain point.Camec recommend tank clean.
  4. Peter Thanks for the comment - found the screen fly peels off (rubber edging in groove) enabling access to the control boxes branded AUSTRALITE and available from Camec - New screen and boxes now fitted and everything working .
  5. Galley widow winding mechanism has failed but can't figure out how to remove fly screen to get at fixing screws holdiing winding boxes . Suggestions very welcome.
  6. Thanks Merv and Bas - RACQ video really covered the topic - planning to continue using wdh with air bags- headding off half way around Oz next month. Geoff
  7. Towing 2006 Kedron ATV with extended drawbar with Toyota series 100 Landcruiser fitted with airbags - measured download on van drawbar fully loaded is 200 kg - came complete with Hayman Reece torsion bar load sharing kit and adjustable ball mount assembly. Have tried travelling with and without the Hayman Reece system ( which adds about 25 kg at the ball ) with no apparent difference in performance - using the air bags to achieve level travel. Am I missing something ?? Comments and advice are very welcome .
  8. Bob Turned out fans were OK but transformer buzzing under load . Have replaced with new Victron 12/30 - Problem solved
  9. In the right hand boot near the Solar charger controller there is a surface mounted two position switch marked 240v and 12v - looks just like a household light switch. Any advice on it's function or purpose ?? 2006 ATV Geoff new owner and learning.
  10. Thanks for the advice - went to Springers Capalaba - job done and very happy KOG - also got a new Victron Power Charger to replace old 2006 Victron which started making loud buzzing transformer noises under load. Geoff
  11. Want to upgrade existing exterior and interior fluro lights in 2006 ATV which use about 1.3 amps each to LED's .Comments and advice welcome on Brand , source ,installation etc
  12. Bob Thanks for comment -- have found how to remove the charger and now replacing two fans Geoff
  13. Thanks for the comments and advice -- found batteries to be AGM and have adjusted Centaur Charger and PL 60 settings to suit. All now working well Geoff
  14. Three Twelve month old gel batteries show about 13.3 V charge from Three 120 W solar panels which put in about 8 amps total in full sunlight but Centaur Charger 12/40 puts in 40 amps when turned on - any suggestions as to problem ?? Geoff (new owner and learning)
  15. any advice on changing the cooling fan which starts making grinding noise after an hours operation ?? Geoff (new owner and learning)
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