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  1. Norm & Irene would be very interested to discuss your gas heater. Could you please PM us. Cheers Deb B
  2. Hi John, 1. We usually have it set on 4 or 5 which is its highest setting, but it rarely reaches the point where it cuts out and never when the outside temp is around zero. 2. They rate the gas at 2.4kw which is higher than the diesel, but I can't explain why the diesels still seem to perform much better. 3. I think the regulators fail due to the build up of black fluid within the lines that is often the cause of a drop in flow rates. Once the flow rate drops the heater will shut off even though your gas burners still work, but somewhat reduced as well. As you are going through more gas this occurs more often. 4. Yes, there are many Dometic agents, but very few have any knowledge or experience with gas heaters, whereas diesel is far more common. The control modules are pretty much throw away as you say. There was a fault when we first got ours and they just replaced it. We had our control switch positioned beside the bed on the wardrobe so it could be turned on and off from in bed. The gas system is working ok, but not as effective as I believe it should and nowhere near as efficient as the diesel systems seem to, according to comments from many people. Cheers, Glen
  3. Hi Rob You can contact on email gdbalint@gmail.com or mobile 0427361442. Cheers Deb b
  4. Hi Rob Off the subject slightly, we are also visiting family in Adelaide and will be starting our first house sit next week. I know of a few KOGs who are either living in the area or visiting. Maybe we could meet up sometime. Cheers Deb B
  5. Hi all, We have had our gas heater through two winters now. It is vented through the side of the van and located under the stove. The first winter it seemed to work satisfactorily, but we were only doing short trips in cold times. Now having spent the last few weeks travelling through NSW, Victoria & now SA we are considering changing to a diesel heater. This may seem drastic, but this is for several reasons. 1. If run all night you are lucky to get four nights out of a nine kilo gas bottle. That can be quite expensive in some areas where you can pay $35+. 2. When it is down to zero outside it struggles to bring the temperature above 15 degrees and takes over 2 hours to achieve the 15 degrees. 3. We have had to replace our gas regulator twice in 12 months due to a drop in flow rates which causes the unit to fail. 4. There are only a limited number of service agents with any experience with these units at present. So trial and error is their method of repair. Our van is only 18 ft internal so larger vans will struggle to warm even more. Sorry to put a dampener on your intended installations but I thought I should share our experience with the gas heater. If anyone wants to ask questions about anything I have written here please feel free to PM me. Our gas unit may be up for sale in the next couple of weeks. Although I don't think this was a good sales pitch for it. My next question is do I go for Dometic or Webasto diesel heater? Cheers, Glen.
  6. I have joined, paid my money, logged on/signed in yet when I try to access any members only forums I am told "oops you cannot access this"

    Is it worth the effort???????????

    Michael J

  7. Thanks to Sandra & Clive for a great weekend and thanks to Rod & Mavis for the write up and pics. Had the best time. Cheers
  8. Merry Christmas to all Koggers as we transition from Wannabenomads to actual nomads as of next Monday. Good luck with your new home Joy & Geoff & wellcome to Queensland. Would like to catch up before we head off around the block. Stay safe & happy travels everyone.
  9. Congratulations Gordon & Chris. As you know we were very pleased we changed ours to a cafe dinnette & no doubt you will notice the extra room & comfort this affords.
  10. I'm trying to email my membership application form but cannot find an email address or the ability to attach the scanned application to the email facility on this site - please advise. Have paid by Paypal

  11. Hi all, Has anyone had experience with using a computer program designed for logging your travels, including maps and the ability to attach photos to locations of where you have been? I'm aware there are a few versions out there, but don't know anyone who has used them to advise if they are practical & easy enough to use. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Hi This is netty here.i have been reg for a few years. I would like to be a financial member from september. How much do i have to pay & how to pay over the net. Email to who & paypal or bank deposit. No cheque acc now.Email. nettygh@bigpond.com Thanks

  13. At Coober Pedy, we found the Stuart Range CP the better one - once again a few years now since we have been back there. A must see other than a tour of the underground houses, churches, etc is the cemetery. There was a bowser as you enter the park to buy your water or a communal one the other end of town. The food at Tom & Mary's Greek taverna and johns pizza bar was very good in enjoyment and value for money. The pizzas from the CP were also really good. Umoona opal mine and museum was my favourite shop - I think that's why we have only been to coober pedy 3 times - my husband can't afford any more visits:) The Breakaways and the painted desert are a must see. Cheers Deb B
  14. Our favourite spot for camping near Marree is Muloorina Station - camped beside the bore fed waterhole. It is approx 54ks nth west of Marree on the edge of Lake Eyre. Been a few years since we were there, but it was an honour system of a gold coin with proceeds going to RFDS. AND surprisingly has a flushing toilet:) The turnoff was approx 1k past Marree. Cheers Deb B
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