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  1. petdav30

    GCR Trip

    Hi All, Currently developing a trip plan to travel the Great Central Road East to West early next April. Have read much about the first 180klms from Yulara towards Docker River in the NT section and how this is the worst section of the entire GCR. I've even read its unsuitable for Vans, which is a bit of a worry. Would appreciate any advice from those who have travelled the GCR, ie: anything you think relevant to a first timer and in particular, how may klms of this first section between Yulara and Docker River should I realistically expect to cover in a 7hr driving day. (driving LC200 with XC3 full of water) regards; Pete
  2. Looking for a free camping spot approx half way between Port Augusta and Coober Pedy. Only required 1 night. We are self sufficient - water and power.
  3. We had a cupboard fitted out in our XC3 with 12vdc and 240vac outlet plus a connection point to the 3G/4G antenna fitted to the Van. I installed the RV Wi-Fi router which accepts a pre-paid Telstra 4G dongle. The Wi-Fi router also has its own small antenna. We only charge up the dongle when we are travelling. I believe a max of 5 devices can connect. Usually only me and the Boss connect and no problems with the speed. Sometimes just leave the router switched on using its own little antenna and we can access the Internet whilst actually on the road (as long as we have a signal). Of course this set up not much use if you are well off the beaten track.
  4. Perth Kedron Owners, where do you get your Van serviced (brakes, wheel bearings etc) here in the Perth metro area? - Does the service provider have to be endorsed by Kedron so as to maintain warranty integrity etc etc.
  5. Tony, Leon, Peter, Many thanks for your feedback, puts the value of this forum into perspective, especially for us novices. I did check with Kedron on what they can supply to prevent us from carting over so that's sorted. We are changing our plans accordingly to stay in Queensland CP's relatively close to the Kedron factory whilst we test our Van. Other than the Pine Rivers Showground, If you know from personal experience (and with easy reversing so not so many people die laughing) of any other CP's within 1-2 hour drive of the Kedron factory, could you please post? regards; Pete
  6. G'Day All We are soon to take delivery of our very 1st Caravan so very wet behind the ears. Our circumstances are as follows - we live in Perth and in October will travel across to Brendale to take delivery of our 19ft twin axle XC3. Tossing up whether or not to put the LC 200 on the Indian-Pacific along with ourselves from Perth to Adelaide then drive up to Brendale as opposed to driving all the way over. On the return journey with Van in tow, planning on staying in Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and some of the bays on the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula, before heading back West across the Nullabor. Intention is to stay in Caravan Parks as opposed to free camping or out in the bush until we become more confident with the set up and more familiar with operation of the Van. Bit of a crawl before you walk exercise. Based on our circumstances as described above, we are looking for a prioritized list of essentials we will need to take across with us (other than the obvious ie: plates, cutlery, pans, etc etc) to help us survive our first trip with the Van. Things like hoses, power cords, tools, LC200 spare parts, etc etc. You know........ all the auxiliary stuff required to set up the Van for convenience, comfort and safety.
  7. Hi Allan & Colleen, I'm in the same boat (well Van), I'm having a XC3 19ft Van built. Having an electrical background and after a lot of research I didn't hesitate to select the lithium option (300 A/hr) package. Admittedly there was some concern by Caravan manufacturers when lithium were first introduced and its taken some time for some to offer them as an option. I think the fact that some now do is due to company's like Enerdrive delivering a "Turnkey" package which includes a battery management system that monitors and protects. Other than the electrical benefits the weight reduction was also a big hitter for me.
  8. I can't decide whether to have a toolbox fitted on the draw bar of the 19ft XC3 I've ordered. I'm sure it will get filled with more than just tools. I'm not that experienced that's why these 2 questions. The draw bar already has 2 x 9kg LPG bottles and 2 Jerry Can storage bins on it. So, is it a waste of money to have the capability to add a lot more weight in the form a full tool box on the draw bar? - Would I under utilise the tool box for fear of negatively impacting the tow ball weight? (not to mention overall increasing the Caravan weight)
  9. Hi Fee & Sam, I've just gone through what you are about to. I did my research in 2015 and narrowed it down to 2 manufacturers, Kedron & BushTracker. Both appear to build a great off road Van. I finally chose Kedron and subsequently placed an order in September last year. Kedron being in Qld does make life a little more difficult and involves additional expenditure if you live inter-state. Like you I'm in WA (Scarborough) so flying to Brisbane in March for a factory visit and to finalise spec and interior colours etc. Van is due for delivery September 2016 so intending to drive across and pull it back to Perth. These off road Van's are pricey, but like anything else, you get what you pay for. I can tell you that this forum (and other relevant social forums) are a great source of information and have really helped me (and still are) in my decision making.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm purchasing a Kedron Van that I presume will be registered in Qld. I live in Perth, so will I need to have it re-registered for WA? - and if so, is it similar to a car where it will have to be inspected first? regards; Petedav30
  11. Need to make a decision on which type of fridge/freezer to have installed, 3 Way or compressor type. I've googled this to check out the pro's and con's of each type and I'm still undecided. What's the opinion of the users out there?
  12. Thanks everyone for providing your views and opinions, its made me feel more comfortable. I understand no matter what I do to the LC 200 series, I can't legally pull above 3500 kg. As for the suspension, I just thought that the type of standard suspension fitted to a LC 200 series doesn't take into account that fact you're going to plonk a fair weight (legally up to 350 kg...I think) on the back end by towing a Van potentially weighing 3500 kg. So, I thought beefing it up would be a good proactive measure to prevent premature wear out or failure.
  13. First of all I’m new to Caravanning so excuse my ignorance where it’s blatantly obvious. During my research I’ve visited so many forums and read so many topics related to tow vehicle versus size of Van versus legal weight requirements. So much so I’m beginning to question my decision. Initially I intended to purchase a Kedron 16ft single axle XC-3 Van and a Toyota Prado to tow it. I finally decided upon an 18ft tandem axle XC-3 which Kedron informed me averages a tare weight of 2400 kg and has an ATM of 3500 kg. Therefore, a Toyota Prado would not be suitable. So I purchased a 2012 Toyota 200 Series Diesel LC , V8 4.5 ltr, twin turbo. Is the 200 series LC an adequate vehicle for the Van of my choice if loaded to max ATM? - If not I may have to re-think my decision on the Van. By the way already made inquiries about a GVM upgrade for the LC.
  14. Just purchased a 2012 Toyota LC Diesel 200 Series. Gonna tow 18ft Kedron. Looking for advice/suggestions on two fronts. Would it be wise to upgrade the LC's standard suspension? - and if so, what's the best option/s?
  15. Hi Guys, Just joined KOG as an "Associate" member having ordered but not yet taken possession of my Caravan. Don't actually take possession until September 2016. I know, long way off but timing is good as I'm planning to retire August 2016. Was having a problem making the decision to retire as I had no idea what I would do with my time. I was told by many people, you need a plan for retirement or you may as well keep working. So, got me thinking, never owned a Caravan and there's a lot of this great country I've not seen, sounds like the making of a plan to me!! So planning well underway. Selecting the manufacturer of the Van came first. Did a lot of research and happy with my decision based on my dealings to date with Kedron. Also the vast amount of information on social forums helped. Decided the 18ft XC3 is for us. Really looking forward to the months ahead finalising the Van detail, selecting a tow vehicle and planning trips. Apprehensive? - a little, never having owned or towed a Caravan before could be a bit of a challenge, but looking forward to it. Getting some great help, info and tips from the KOG web site. I've not read everything yet but its a work in progress. Finally, we may catch up with some of you in the future, if so, look forward to it. regards; Pete & Vera. Perth. WA
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