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  1. Your reading at the terminals while the battery while being charged (if i understand correctly ) may not necessarily be the same value of stored energy in the batteries after the batteries have been dissconected and allowed to test and stabilise for at least one hour. Thats my thoughts only.
  2. Have you actually measured either the voltage at the terminals (say an hour minimum after all charging and discharging has ceased , to allow the voltage reading to stabilise ) and also the specific gravity of the electrolyte . You may not be able to measure SG on some sealed batteries. Results may assist.
  3. Thankyou for the replies it seems that all who have replied have had a good experience with kedron ,thats great . However i simply asked if anyone has seen the warrenty terms and conditions in writing. Thanks to all.
  4. Sandra , thankyou for your reply glad you are happy with the van.
  5. We are due to pick up the van in 48 hours. Kedron have advised they will not provide warrenty details in writing ,hence the enquiry..
  6. Hello we are looking to purchase a used kedron from the manufacturer. They advertise that used vans are backed by 3 months manufacturers warrenty. When asked for a copy of warrenty terms ,conditions etc i was advised the warrenty is verbal only nothing in writing !!!! Is this other peoples experience ? Has any one got a written copy of the eartenty they could share ?? Thankyou Pepper
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