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  1. Hi Graheme & Wendy I'm going to look in to the filtration system as to see if it needs updating to something a bit more user friendly and redly available in the supermarkets or Bunnings if needs be? And I'm going to set up a bucket filter so when I'm pumping out of creeks and the likes on those more remote camp spots as well. And thank you for the tip on longterm storage of the tanks will be trying that one out. Would you sugest leaving the tanks full for long term storage? cheers
  2. Ok yep our dunny has its own water my bad haven't had it long and haven't even used the dunny yet hahah. Righto Bas sounds like what I'm looking for I might have to call the guys at kedron and see if they will do a diy kit or some more info on what they did? Cheers
  3. Hi Beejay, can you isolate the 2 front tanks from each other? and have three gauges? If so what breed of gauge do you have? Cheers
  4. Ok an update. Was lucky enough to have found out that a mate has a mate which is a fridgy and a good enough lad to came and had a look at the A/C unit. And spent about an hour looking for a leak and found nothing as well in the condenser, piping, compressor and evaporator? But what he did find was that the Schroeder valve in the test point was leaking. He replaced it and pressurised it to 300psi again and will be leaving it till next week and come and check it to see if it looses pressure? Fingers crossed that's all it is!
  5. G'day everybody we have ATV2 family van and I was just wondering if anybody has change the way the 3 water tanks are set up and monitored? At the moment mine is set up as followed the rear tank is a stand alone tank and correct me if I'm wrong the shower and toilet supply water? And the two front tanks are connected so the balance out and act as one, for is drinking, hot water and sink supply? The water monitor has only two water levels no.1 is the front tanks and no.2 the rear tanks? Now I was thinking of seperating them all and putting taps on the supply. So I can keep a track on levels and easily conserve water. What are your thoughts. Cheers
  6. Yeah mate just west of Mackay up in the Pioneer Valley. They are a basic unit like an old box air con system. My delema is do I posabilly spend $1000 + on parts and labour on a unit thats 9 years old? Which may only last another 1yr or so and I still have to fork out another $2000+ on a new one? but if these old units will punch on for 14+ years or more I'll look at getting it repaired. Cheers Rick
  7. Hi everyone, our 07 ATV family van air command A/C is not producing cold air. I've just had it looked at by our local a/c fitter and it was low on gas. Now this means it has a leak somewhere which they couldn't find in the time frame I gave them, that means they will need to do more diagnoses which at $90/hr it may get up there in $$$$. My question is what sort of life expectancy on air command unit have you seen?
  8. Sorry for the late reply lol. Hi mate, my wife and I are in our late thirty with two daughters as well. We recently purchase a 07 ATV2 which is a huge van with loads of space but needing a large tug. We are currently on our madden voyage for a few days in Bowen and I'm very happy with how it towed and quick to set up compared to our old camper. Our plans were the same as yours but the oldest has just hit high school and needs stubility so will have to stick to short trips 4-6weeks Max ?. You won't regret buying a Kedron. Pm us if your in the Mackay QLD area we could show you the sights? Cheers
  9. G'day everyone, thank you for all the welcomed greetings and we have already sorsed a lot of usefull info from you awesome bunch.?It wasn't a hard decision to buy a Kedron. built in QLD, heavy duty and designed/built to handle AUS toughest tracks and still have all the comforts of home. Cheers Sandra will have a look and jherron yes we live just out of Mackay will be dropping to jayco this week to pick up a external gas bayonet for the Webber. I will have a look. Cheers Mr Goody
  10. Good morning all!! We have just purchased a pre-loved 2007 ATV2 22" family van. We are looking forward to a long time of adventures and bush camping with our family and friends. We need to replace the clock above the range hood as it is missing. What have people replaced it with as we have heard that they are not available anymore.
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