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  1. On our last trip the Dometic front loading washing machine played up (the machine is 9 years old) so we were wondering if anyone has encounted the same problem. The problem we have is that the washing machine would fill with water then stop and without starting to wash empty the water out. We have eliminated a few things by testing the different functions of the machine such as testing it on the spin cycle. The machine completed this cycle without any problem eliminating the motor and the pump. But I am sure there are lots of other things that can go wrong. Any information would be
  2. Thank to all who replied. We have decided to stick with Vitrifrigo. Graham
  3. Half way into our latest adventure the 230l Vitrifrigo died (2007) leaving us to live out of a borrowed 40l Engel. So on the way home we stopped in at the Fridge Whisperer only to be told that the damage to the fridge was terminal. The sad thing about it is that the fridge had been working the best it had ever worked thanks to the good work that the Fridge Whisperer had done a year ago. Up until that time we were not happy with the performance of the fridge. The damage to the fridge was caused by the rough roads that we had been traveling on. So now we have a big decision to make; 1; repla
  4. Hi Russ, Could you provide more information on the solar charger wiring as we have PL40 solar charger in our van. Our XC and we picked it up in Dec. 07. Regards, Graham
  5. I am interested in the replacement radio aerial on our van. Do you know where I could get the aerial around Brisbane. Thank you Curly
  6. Hi, I am looking for some information on gas diesal conversion for a 4.2 nissan patrol. have any members had any experience in this area. Thank you Graham Maloney
  7. hi Ash and Nell, We have only owned our van for 9 months however when we were looking around we always came back to the kedron. We have been more then happy with the van and we now believe that we have made the right decision. We have a 19ft CX. Graham and Ann
  8. Thank you Mark & Bernadette for a great weekend. Ann and I had a great time and are looking forward to the next trip. Graham and Ann
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