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  1. Looking forward to your updates.Headed through there early next year. Maurveen
  2. Hi call into the Birdsville Lodge if you need anything.Brian and I are in Birdsville for a couple of months. Water will not be a bother.But if you are camping out by the river bring sturdy ground cover as the bindis are bad this year. The flies are out in millions( I am not joking) you will need cover. The nights cold but days beautiful.
  3. I have refrained from being negative towards Kedron but at this stage I have to agree with the quotes above. In November last year we collected our Compact from Brendale and we have had continual problems since. Pump broken down ,it has been replaced,Fridge replaced,Lamanite peeling off cupboard surrounds,has now all been reglued by Kedron. external connection for TV not even fitted.Hole there but no connection. I could keep going.especially they last one we are trying to solve at this time. My concern is that the warranty expires soon and where will we stand after that?
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