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  1. I am considering one of the above vehicles Have you had any problems with 1. The bulk of the vehicle and its turning circle (parking and In van parks etc) 2. Reliability and the DPF system Thank you for your time Regards Jaap
  2. Merv I need about 350 extra Kgs Probably won't be able to afford a new Silverado etc The Single Cab has a GVM of 3400 and a kerb of 2175 according to toyota The 200 I have now has a CVM of 3350 and a kerb of 2715 (real world weight bridge, full fuel no occupants 3140) There would seem to be a 300 Kg saving if one counts the tray as 250 Kg Queensland rego Can't get an answer to the question If I have the GVM uprated (ARB to 3580 Kg) does the van have to lose the increase 230 KG I wish I were a millionaire then it would be a new Chev/GMC for me !!!!
  3. Hi all Are there any members towing with a Toyota Landcruiser 70 series and if so how does it perform At present I have a 200 series but have a weight problem when the van is attached Your advice would be appreciated Jaap
  4. Entry has been removed

  5. Karen Would you please delete my ad "Kedron XC 2007" as the van has been withdrawn from sale Thank you Jaap
  6. TonyH

    Hi Jaap,

    If you don't mind, can I please ask why you have withdrawn your van for sale on this site?

    Regards & thanks

    Tony Heat (President)

    0412 415466

    1. Jaap




      Seems to me that I am trying to sell the van to a group of people who already own a Kedron.


      Additionally forum guest Pepper requested photos which I did my best to supply. however there was no response, fair enough, but then I noticed that this same forum guest at the end of August was inquiring about Kedron warranty and said they were picking up a second hand van within 48hrs. Some thing doesn't seem right If you have bought a van why inquire about one which has been for sale for some time and could easily be found on caravan sales


      We would like to upgrade but not at a silly price a bit like your VX Toyota I think


      SO perhaps it is wiser to withdraw the van from this site


      You asked and I gave you my perspective 





    2. TonyH


      Thanks for the reply, wishing you all the best for a quick


      cu down the road


  7. I have sent photos and another link to "Pepper"

    Thus you should not have to "fix" it





  8. Jaap

    Larger vans

    Thanks Havago We are looking at(dreaming) of a 22.5foot atv with an extended drawbar hence the question. Presently have a 19 foot xc Enjoy your travels
  9. Jaap

    Larger vans

    Hello All Just a query regarding larger/longer vans Has anyone had difficulties with vans of 22ft in terms of accessing sites, out of the way places such as King Ash Bay, National Parks etc Thank you Jaap
  10. Hello Not all cox caps apparently I purchased cox part #COPCF01 and it doesn't fit, another $25.00 wasted !!!
  11. Tony Also had mud wasps build in the spare channel in the awaning roll and under the window shade Regards Jaap
  12. Jaap

    water fillers

    My parents were hence the name
  13. Jaap

    water fillers

    Thanks to all who replied Used the blue plumbers glue which seems to have worked Time will tell I quess
  14. Have the old style water filler you know the ones you put the hose into to fill the tank Yesterday whilst filling the tank Disaster! the filler, before the hose to the tank, fell apart and water everywhere Has anyone else had this problem our am I the lucky one ? Have two fillers and the second one is also coming apart Can the fitting be repaired using sikaflex? Any other suggestions Thank you
  15. I think that it's a way to "hide" the lack of staff and "will" to look after those who wish to patronise these parks Seems that it is just another way to discourage visitation and use by the National Park bureaucrats who seem to think that parks are their private property and the public is just a nusiance. If you can keep people out then you don't have to maintain or provide the facilities etc However I would argue that as the national park is paid for by all we should be able to vist,traverse and camp in any park without restriction subject to the usual "tred lightly" etc practices and I acknowledge that there may be at times good conservation reasons to restrict entry similar to closed seasons for fishing etc Probably goes against the grain but protest to your local member(remembering the next election will be in March 2015) and/or civil disobedience(pay after using causes lots of paperwork)
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