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  1. Very sorry you won't be able to make Kenilworth,  look forward to catching up another time.


  2. Our most sincere thanks go out to President Tony and his band of Helpers for organising such a great program of events over the six days of the KOG Christmas Gathering and AGM - quality presenters with lots of valuable info for us all. Also, thanks for the openness of new acquaintances in the Group - it’s refreshing to find people from such diverse backgrounds so open, friendly and helpful to each other. Travel safely 😻🐾
  3. Sandra and Clive, thank you for encouraging us to be part of this wonderful group of people. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Kilkivan and are looking forward to the gathering at Kenilworth. Travel safely 💕😻🐾
  4. Karen, we changed out the mesh screen and solar blind on one of our windows and all of them in a friend’s Kedron that was up for sale late last year. All were purchased from Caravansplus.com.au. Haven’t heard anything about Dometic bringing out new ones. I wonder will they be made to fit in the older vans’ windows?
  5. Hi Neville Caravansplus.com.au are cheapest in Australia and they provide all parts, instruction manuals and how to identify your window model/size etc on their website as well. Just a warning though, Seitz S7 windows/blinds are not cheap. They are easy enough to change out. Cheers Ron
  6. Hello All, we joined the KOG last year but haven’t been active on this site. Our first Kedron was a secondhand 2006 ATV which turned out to be a great van but we took delivery of a custom built 2013 XC with TopEnder furniture in June 2013 after a 15 month wait. We couldn’t be happier with the whole van. Since then we have spent each winter at Barn Hill Station Stay in WA. This year we have returned early and plan to do some local travelling around Qld including the Christmas Gathering and the Kingsley Grove Winery gathering. We are looking forward to meeting other like minded caravanners. Cheers - Ron and Judie
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