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  1. Hi All, I have a split corner on Fiamma Vent 50 - Roof Vent Lid (pictures i can send) I was looking to just replace the lid part It is the type that pushes up on 2 arms from inside Any ideas on sourcing a part ? is that easy enough ? I was looking for a how to video ? Thanks for any advice Ken
  2. G'Day all, I am looking to get a bike rack for a-frame mounting. I'd appreciate hearing what you have, see a pic, and how it goes and what to be aware of. What brand or type you settled on. Thanks heaps. Ken
  3. Hi all, Can you help me check the best way to charge, while bush camping with no power, my Ipad Pro (USB C) and my MacBook Pro. I have a 120Ah AGM deep cycle battery. I have 2 cigarette lighter type ports in van. So I am considering with 12v connector with USB, and also maybe a 240v inverter with PPT plugs. Thanks. Ken.
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