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  1. Thanks Pete, will keep this in mind too. Cheers
  2. Thank you for the info, Bas and Rob, its always interesting when others have had experience. We still haven't heard from the fridge repairer so fingers crossed he is repairing, but this is all good info to take on board. Bas, the fridge was running constantly with very little time off and then eventually it started coming on for a short time and then off for less time, it got worse and worse and stopped cooling. We have tried different fixes, installed another fan near the motor, have a fridge shade and a few other things but maybe its just old?? We do a lot of off grid in hot weather so that probably doesn't help. We still love the van, it is so comfortable and travels so well. Can't wait to get away again soon. ☺️
  3. Hi All, (Hi Bas N Caz), 😀 Really interested in this conversation. Our 2006 ATV with the 240lt vitrifrigo is in hopefully to be repaired at the moment. If they cannot repair we would like to replace with the 190lt Bushman but were doubtful it would fit? So can you tell us if it would fit? Thank you, new members, Ross and Leah
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