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  1. Hi Sandra

    where is the report ?


  2. We met Grant and Jane at King Ash Bay this year and now so sad to hear Grant's passing. We have such fond memories of Grant telling us of his caravan modifications. Jane please accept our deepest condolences. Thinking of you Rob and Jewel
  3. We use borax and honey on small piece of cardboard Works really well I had a real problem in the farm house now all gone.
  4. Hi Tony It wasn't raining thank goodness. The day before we had the cattle trailer on loaded with cattle. The next night we were helping others and had it loaded with household gear when the tyre blew. Can't wait to have the caravan back on.
  5. Our tug is a F250 and is now on its second set of Cooper Tyres, the first set travelled on many dirt roads including the Gibb River Road and did approx 90,000 km. The new set had only done approx 10,000 km when the back drivers side back tyre developed a split close to the inside rim. We travelled about 300 km when the tyre decided to blow out. This happened very late at night. We rang Coopers direct and they told us to take it to there agents, which happened to be in Gympie and they were very helpful and sent the tyre to Coopers and within a few days Coopers Tyres replaced the tyre. Usually tyre company's blame the customer as we have found in the past. After this experience we will now be replacing all our vehicles with coopers Tyres when needed. A great win for a change.
  6. Hi Ann Yes that is correct Jewel
  7. Hi Ann If your vehicles are not privately registrated they will require a label. Ours will be sporting labels. Did you also know the tolls are charged at commercial rates. Jewel
  8. If towing a van the radiator needs to be flushed every four to five years and also the hoses all need to be replaced. This is a cheaper option. When driving you should know your cars temp guage where it sits normally, so when it starts to increase you will know someone is wrong. Example when it gets to 3/4 stop and leave engine running let it cool. Make sure radiator is not leaking. Then when cool go again keep doing this until you get to the top. It should be okay then providing no leaks in the radiator or hoses. When the radiator gets hot it increases pressure in the radiator then which expand the radiator then the top or bottom radiator tank can come apart It is only crimped on. Radiators cannot take excessive heat or pressure. Toyota dealers do not do radiators go to a radiator specialist. This happened to us travelling up the Toowoonba range we stopped twice going up. No damage done to radiator and the next day we had the tanks removed cleaned out as some of the cores inside were blocked. We recommend Ioswich Radiator Works in Turley Street He is one of the best. Phone 3281 8300 he does the work himself does not send it out to others . These top and bottom tanks are getting older and brittle and some earlier models probably need replacing. Hope this helps. We have a 2006 Toyota TD Also a F250 used for towing our Topender Happy towing Rob and Jewel
  9. Thought so Rob's dad had the same name
  10. Jaap Just wondering are you Dutch ? Robjewel
  11. Hi It has been - 5 here Can't wait to catch up again Robjewel
  12. Clive and Sandra You will need the heater next week It has been really cold here Robjewel
  13. Hi Merv The 2 kva will run the air conditioner but turn off the battery charger. No problems Robjewel
  14. Hi We have just sold our cross country for a topender, the main reason being for the separate toilet shower. We really enjoyed the first trip with with separate toilet shower combination. Regards, Rob and Jewel
  15. Hi Chris We arrived in Katherine yesterday. We travelled from King Ash Bay via Booroolooa then onto Lorrella Springs and followed the road to Tomato Island, Roper River. Not sure is road is open to Burketown as we were told it has a detour. Good fishing along the way. Check at Cape Crawford if road is open. If not you will b better to go via the Barkley as we had to on the way up. Hope this helps. Jewel and Rob
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