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  1. Hi Tony

    It wasn't raining thank goodness.

    The day before we had the cattle trailer on loaded with cattle. The next night we were helping others and had it loaded with household gear when the tyre blew.

    Can't wait to have the caravan back on.

  2. Our tug is a F250 and is now on its second set of Cooper Tyres, the first set travelled on many dirt roads including the Gibb River Road and did approx 90,000 km.

    The new set had only done approx 10,000 km when the back drivers side back tyre developed a split close to the inside rim. We travelled about 300 km when the tyre decided to blow out. This happened very late at night.

    We rang Coopers direct and they told us to take it to there agents, which happened to be in Gympie and they were very helpful and sent the tyre to Coopers and within a few days Coopers Tyres replaced the tyre. Usually tyre company's blame the customer as we have found in the past.

    After this experience we will now be replacing all our vehicles with coopers Tyres when needed.

    A great win for a change.

  3. If towing a van the radiator needs to be flushed every four to five years and also the hoses all need to be replaced. This is a cheaper option.

    When driving you should know your cars temp guage where it sits normally, so when it starts to increase you will know someone is wrong. Example when it gets to 3/4 stop and leave engine running let it cool. Make sure radiator is not leaking. Then when cool go again keep doing this until you get to the top. It should be okay then providing no leaks in the radiator or hoses. When the radiator gets hot it increases pressure in the radiator then which expand the radiator then the top or bottom radiator tank can come apart

    It is only crimped on. Radiators cannot take excessive heat or pressure.

    Toyota dealers do not do radiators go to a radiator specialist.

    This happened to us travelling up the Toowoonba range we stopped twice going up. No damage done to radiator and the next day we had the tanks removed cleaned out as some of the cores inside were blocked.

    We recommend Ioswich Radiator Works in Turley Street

    He is one of the best. Phone 3281 8300 he does the work himself does not send it out to others .

    These top and bottom tanks are getting older and brittle and some earlier models probably need replacing.

    Hope this helps. We have a 2006 Toyota TD

    Also a F250 used for towing our Topender

    Happy towing

    Rob and Jewel

  4. We are currently in Darwin and want to travel the Savannah Way in late June. Last year we were foiled by road closures after a heavy wet season and they have again had a lot of rain this year. But we are hoping it is open.

    I have been using this website for road condition reports? There are a few cautions and closures in the area. http://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/roadreport/region.jsp?name=katherine.

    Does anyone have up to date information or recent experience on the Track?


    Hi Chris

    We arrived in Katherine yesterday. We travelled from King Ash Bay via Booroolooa then onto Lorrella Springs and followed the road to Tomato Island, Roper River.

    Not sure is road is open to Burketown as we were told it has a detour. Good fishing along the way. Check at Cape Crawford if road is open. If not you will b better to go via the Barkley as we had to on the way up.

    Hope this helps.

    Jewel and Rob

  5. Rod and Mavis

    Did you cook and eat the crayfish?

    How was the boat trip?

    We are in Blackwater this week for our daughter's birthday, things you can do now since being 'Off the buses'

    We are going fishing with Graham and Ros after our Kilkivan weekend.

    At a place near Booraloola is where we are going. Should be fun.

    Rob and I decided we needed another F250 with the extended cab.

    We finally found one that had everything we needed. It is a 2006 silver F250, it even has the boat and loader for the roof. It has everything you can imagine and more as extras.

    Even an extra prop for the boat.

    We are going to sell the other F250.

    Have fun in Tassie we will do the trip one day.

    Rob and Jewel

  6. Hi Everyone

    Great photos, just cannot believe we have had so much rain, and what it does to all structures. The loss of lives is very very sad, particularly for their families and friends. We just hope it never happens again.

    Rob and I have retired from the buses and will be travelling soon. We sort of had a very short holiday at Elliott Heads. The Kilkivan farm had plenty of rain while we were at Elliott Heads, and we had to wait it out till we could get there and take over from our very caring exhausted neighbours. They were continually putting our cattle in high paddocks as the creek rose twice over a few days. Our creek is backed up by Wide Bay creek which is then backed up by the Mary River. The Mary River is the one that floods Gympie, this water then travels to Maryborough before it goes out to the sea. As the creek comes down at a very high speed it takes everything in its path, this includes filling irrigation pumps with water. All our fences along the creek flats were flattened and have so much rubbish on them. Rob had some farm machinery down there and is now useless to use. Round bales float around the paddocks, and irrigation pipes float away or get bent around trees.

    Our very good friends Graham & Ros (fellow KOGs) (who we met on a KOG meet) were with us at Elliott Heads and came back to Kilkivan and helped us put some fences up. With our daughter and her husband and Graham & Ros we rounded up all the cattle, dipped and tagged all new calves, put fly control tags on and of course did the count, 125 in total. We didn't loose any cattle, we have wonderful neighbours who looked after them.

    We even had 9 extras. (they will go back to their home this Friday) We cannot thank Graham and Ros enough for all their help.

    Water is still running out of the hills where we have the KOG meet.

    This is absolutely NOTHING compared to all the flooding in homes and loss of lives. We are so lucky.

    Hope to see you at the Kilkivan KOG meet

    Rob and Jewel

  7. Hi all you lucky KOGs in Tassie at this time.

    You may like to know you are sharing Tassie with thousands of HOGs ( Harley Davidison Owners)

    They are having there National HOG Rally. Rob Van Geelen is there with his Harley, you may see him there.

    He couldn't tow the Kedron though. He is roughing it in a Motel. (Wife is working back in Qld)

    Hope to see everyone at Xmas Gathering.


    Jewel Van Geelen

  8. Hi Sue and Anne

    Our Ham was lovely. Can't wait for next year we had a good time. It is nice to start to get to know the other Kedroners. What a lovely bunch of people. Hopefully they will have a lovely time at Kilkivan.

    We had a lovely 18 days travelling around New Zealand South Island.

    Robert & Jewel

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