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  1. Russ obviously has all the knowledge that Kedron owners need, so good luck with your AGM setups, knowing we are camped near you boiling the kettle, using the electric oven and A/C on LiFePO4..... but obviously using an inferior technology... Pleased don't start that noisy generator up to use the microwave to cook dinner like have have seen many do... My offer is still there is anyone is serious about wanting help. david@trip-tracks.com.au
  2. I can counter every single one of those arguments and then provide some extra features that sounds like would surprise you. And no, I don't sell batteries. And proven? Seriously? How long do you get out of your AGMs? And lugging 4 x 120AH at 32kgs each around (128kgs) unnecessarily to only get 240Ah usable capacity. What is with that? I know, I did it - but have wised up. Can you boil your kettle when your battery is down to 20%, what about 50%. Can you do it at all??
  3. I'm not sure where I conveyed an untoward tone, so why I was targeted for this thread being locked. So here it is now. Yabbietol, I have been on this forum longer than you and provided useful info - but obviously you have something more positive to offer and are more knowledgeable. To me it appears you don't want to hear that you haven't got the best in your outdated AGM batteries. I'll refrain from this forum in future and leave you to your myths and misconceptions. Good luck!
  4. The cost? What is the cost you are referring to? What charger are you referring to needing replacing? Most programmable chargers are suited to Li
  5. That is a myth. Enerdrive are only knew to the market, and have had issues with their chargers. And at over 3 times the price of the cost of cells elsewhere, I know where I wouldn't buy cells..
  6. Chris, it is false economy. While the AGM batteries state 120AH, they only measure to be usable to about 60AH, so a 130AH gives you an extra 5AH - big deal! When you are ready for Lithium, let me know, You won't go back.... When you have the stated AH capacity available for use and the voltage is +13V all the way, then you have something to be happy about. And 1/3 the weight.... and 4-5 times the lifetime.
  7. I would question your SOC meter. How are you determining that? If you are using the solar controller, then it would not be accurate as the load would not be connected to be measured on a van of your vintage. Are you sure you are getting a full charge each day? 13.2V in full sun is not 97% SOC for AGM batteries.
  8. http://enerdrive.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Enerdrive-eLITE-Manual-Rev5-print.pdf
  9. Bruce, where is your wall insulation?
  10. Hi Hugh, Is the winegard socket in the same cupboard? That has 12V running to it. If you undo the cover you should be able to piggy back off that.
  11. Has he said why? Maybe he is trying to say not doubled up on your light circuit or something? The SatKing box pulls about 0.5A, so you shouldn't have any voltage drop issues. The Sphere satellite box only needs power while it is deploying and closing - once done, it automatically turns itself off, so no power used once deployed. I haven't measured the current while deploying, will do if you need me to. Who is the "SatKing guy"? I have the satellite dish box and the SatKing box on the same 12V circuit, which is a subcircuit off the battery. I put an inline switch on the 12V lead t
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