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  1. Thanks Darryl and yes mate it is fantastic, you have been very quiet for a while aswell mate what are you up to these days, i heard you sold the van as well :shades:
  2. Thanks for that Sue and yes it was a big move but was for the better. I still have not got used to seeing running water in the creeks and rivers oh and all the green green grass. Rod & Mavis are comming down with the van in Feb/Mar and told us to make sure we have a drive way big enough and we do so we are hoping that we will have them staying for a little while, Mark & Bern will be arriving her new years eve and staying for nearly a week (in the house with us no van) and we are looking forward to that so much, we are activally searching out the best place for meals and the best so far is the Blenheim Inn Hotel in Longford so if anyone is staying around here go for a meal you will not be disapointed and dont be suprised if you can not eat it all.
  3. Hello to all, well we have relocated to Hadspen Tasmania and have only been here 8 weeks now and loving it, when i went down the road this afternoon i saw a Kedron in the van park just down the road and it made me think of the owners we have met before and have not seen for a while. We unfortunatly sold our van before leaving Brisbane and a young couple from Bowen purchased it, we will not have a van for a while but iam sure after a while we will have to have another built. The picture is the sceinery we had when we walk down the road to the South Esk River about 5 to 600 mts away
  4. I was told to search for this file at the last caravan and camping show, its a list of farm gates. We will be down at the same time so if you see a white Land Rover Discovery and QLD plates give us a wave becuase if we see you with the van on we will be sure to give a wave.
  5. Well isnt it the year for travel to the apple isle, we will be heading down leaving Dec 12 and return mid January, we will be leaving the van at home and staying in cabins for the trip, we cant wait. Hope you all have a safe trip.
  6. Gday Darryl long time and no see mate, how true about the ekka and they wonder why the attendance is way down :question: G Dave you can hit below the belt mate LOL great to see you are still having fun. You must be looking forward to returning home and re-entering the work force mate. Dam shame its not long after you return and we head off to Tassi.
  7. I was looking for wheel nuts not long ago and found what i wanted here, I have ordered them through Supercheap, when i was trying to find the nuts i went to all the tyre places & they told me i couldnt get them and would be best to chage the wheels :confused1: . After some searching i found this site Speco wheel nuts, best of luck
  8. Gday Lea, i have been using Bullguard for 2 years now and have found it very user friendly and safe, i have not had any virus with it aswell, i originaaly bought it at Colonial Soft Computer Services now at 65 Gilston St, Keperra, it can also be purchased online Bullguard web site
  9. Gday We are with CIL and have just made a claim, it went pretty smooth but their communication with the repairer is not real good but repairs were made in the end. The last renewal we noticed the value of the van has decreased and is supposed to be agreed so have to chase that up next renewal
  10. Gday guys its great to see you are still having fun, safe travels and catch up again soon :thumbsup:
  11. Welcome to KOG Bob and Annette hope you enjoy it as much as we have
  12. G Rod & Mavis dont you hate it when people do that, :laugh: We still cant go anywhere in our van as its still at the doctors, we are hoping to get it back before the 17th April so we can go to Stanthorpe for a weekender
  13. Gday all, i was wondering if anyone can remember anything from the old forum in regard to fuse melting when fridge running on 12v, we went away for the weekend and before we left i checked the fridge and was not cold i then found the 15amp fuse in boot had melted (not blown) and the fridge was not getting cold on 240v, i replaced the fuse and the fridge started working on 240v ??? and when i switched over th 12v the fuse started the heat up. I ran into Bob (KOG member) at the Chinderah Village caravan Park and he remembered something some time ago about fuse/fridge problems
  14. Also i just got off the phone to TomTom and they have a special on the Australian maps @ $79.95, i rang and asked if they are selling maps that are about to be replaced cheap and when is the next update due, they told me it is a special offer and no more map releases are expected for nearly 18 months. The special lasts untill 17 Feb 09
  15. Gday Gordo & Chris, if you go to my website i have a GPS/NAV page where i have got links to a couple of real good sites that i got all my POI's from. My Webpage
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