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  1. Welcome Peter and Rommey! It is good to see you join the Ked ron family. We also live in SA (we are up in the Barossa Valley) so we may join up with you sometime, in your nice, shiny and new van. When we drove up to QLD to pick up our new van we went up the most direct route (through Mildura, Hay etc) but came back via a meandering route through NSW and Victoria. And how exciting it is to plan a trip with a brand new Kedron. I made a list of all the things we would need in the new van, which was divided into two parts ; those items I could take from home, and those which would have to be purchased new in Brisbane. This was things like tea towels, cutlery, pots and pans, sheets and towels etc. I found it very helpful to have that list. Still have it on the computer somewhere.... chris
  2. We are camped in the South West Of WA, just South of Margaret River, in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. The campground is called Jarrahdene. This is a drop dead gorgeous spot, set among flowering banksias and vines and ferns. Quite a few of the sites fit a good sized caravan and we have a nice big site with the usual wooden table and chairs and fireplace. Nearby are toilets and a covered kitchen with gas barbeque, and a dump point. And both Margaret River township and Augusta are short drives away. Equally important, we have reasonable phone and internet reception. The only problem for some of our brethren is that it being a national park they do not allow dogs. I feel so lucky to be in such a lovely spot.
  3. Gosh it looks like it was a great time was had by all at the KOG gathering and AGM this weekend. President Tony Heat has put a massive amount of time and energy into organising this event and he is to be congratulated on it. These photos were taken by Glen Gall, who was at the gathering.
  4. We are sorry to hear that Leon. But to help you sell the rig, it may help if you put up a link to the Carsales/Caravan sales site.... Alternatively put a few details here, including photos. Photos are always a great help in selling a van. good luck with the sale!
  5. We are at a lovely bush camp about 3 hours East of Perth, WA. It has flushing toilets, a free gas barbecue and stove top and water. Lovely spot. And we were joined by our wonderful friends Karen and Paul Slater from nearby Merredin. Karen is our forum’s hardworking Webmaster...
  6. Hi Barry and Ruth. it is great to see you join the Kedron family. Isn’t it exciting, a new caravan and adventures ahead! Chris
  7. There is an interesting discussion on another forum regarding use of drones. It is less about the type of drone and more about the rules around usage of drones. http://caravanersforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=69072 But on a related topic, Kedron owner Danno Bananno has a drone (or three) and is an expert. He posts a lot on the Kedron owner’s Facebook site if you want o look there.
  8. An update. The springs have arrived. Hallelujah. They only took 11 days to get to Perth from Brisbane. Val drove down from Merredin to pick them up and got home about 4pm. He was greeted by me saying I thought a fuse had gone on the solar panel system as we had had no power coming in all day from the roof solar panels. So he got out of the car, exhausted, and had to fix the fuse. It never rains but it pours.
  9. And that was good advice about where the mechanic works from...who knows we may need him yet??
  10. On Friday we were joined here at our campground near Bencubbin by fellow Kedron owners who live in Merredin. We had never met before except through this forum, but they took pity on us and thought they would come up to keep us company ?. We have had a wonderful time together, sharing outrageous (and probably mostly true) stories over cups of coffee and cold drinks. So we have decided to go down to Merredin tomorrow, travelling slowly and with Karen and Paul keeping us in front of them in case of any mishaps. Then Val will have a clear run to the city when he needs to pick up the springs. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. It pays to be a Kedron owner ?
  11. Ideally it should be related to caravanning but doesn’t have to be. Some good ideas I have seen before have included a led light which adheres to the outside of the van; a lanyard with a key holder so you carry your keys around your neck; any secret key holder which can attach magnetically under the van; have a mug made up with Kedron on it; a lightweight melamine nibbles tray; a knife guard to protect sharp knives in the drawer. Is that helpful?
  12. The new spring (and a second one to replace both sides at the same time as the other is likely to be similarly affected too) has been ordered and being sent from Brisbane to Perth. There are none in WA, as the unit is a strong spring for the rough roads a Kedron is exposed to... Apparently it will take between 2 days to 2 weeks for it to arrive..... In the meantime we are waiting at a nice bushcamp near Bencubbin, a small Wheatbelt town. A couple of Kedron forum members have generously offered their assistance and that is heartwarming. Thanks to Karen Slater and John Geling!
  13. Well, our plans are changed. We are at a camp near Bencubbin and on Saturday discovered we have a broken spring on the van. The van can continue to travel (carefully and cautiously) but we first need to source a replacement spring. Val will make some calls shortly to numbers given to us by friends, and see where we go from there. I suspect we need to take it to Merredin for repairs or to get the part.
  14. A fundraising caravan muster for drought relief is being held on 29 September to 1 October. The organisers have provided our group with a flyer which they have asked us to distribute to our members in the hope that they may be interested in attending one of the events. Given the enormity of the drought and its impact, this is a worthwhile initiative. The flyer is below.
  15. I think they are up at the wildflowers right now! But we will be seeing them at a Kedron gathering at Mangowine, early October.
  16. We are now headed for the WA wildflowers region near Geraldton. Right now we are at Karalee Rocks and headed for Merredin then North to Mingenew. I understand the flowers are the best they have been for many years, and we need to see them before the end of the month, when it starts to get hotter. Anyone else around where we are at the same time?
  17. Very funny...but Alice Springs had cream buns. I had some there, does that count?
  18. Here is the trip report for the crossing of the Plenty. I am almost ready to post the report for the Great Central Road! Stage 3 August 2018 Plenty Highway.pdf
  19. We are camped at the Western end of the GCR, about 50 kms from Laverton, and have Internet! I think that is due to what looks like a mine down the valley....Anyway, here is a rough report on the condition of the road.GCR Left Alice 8.30am, arrived Yulara about 1pm...filled up with fuel, thru the entry pay station to Uluru and onto the GCR. Let down tyres at start of bitumen, just past Olgas.The Road was mostly quite good we felt, with some patches of corrugations every now and then. There were several stretches of 20 or 30 kms of bitumen and road crews are working on extending the bitumen at the Western end.Passed or had pass us about a dozen vehicles each day on the first three days. On the fourth and fifth days we found there was more traffic, which increased the closer we got to Laverton. Bitumen was 20 kms just to West Of Warburton and again starts 132 kms West Of Warburton for 32 kms.Each of the communities of Docker River, Warakurna and Warburton now have phone reception. And the hamburgers at Warakurna are just as good as I remember. New staff are working at Tjukayirla and appear full of enthusiasm (although the door opens on the dot of 9am and not one minute earlier. A police van was waiting for over half an hour but couldn’t get fuel any earlier either The area was dry but there is still good grass cover on the land. Interestingly, apart from two camels, and one dingo, we saw literally no other wildlife. I don’t recall seeing a single kangaroo. At night we heard no dingoes.I am working on a full report. With photos. We like photos.
  20. We have arrived at Gem Tree NT this morning, after crossing the Plenty Track from Boulia. We enjoyed great weather, and mostly good conditions. There was a rough patch which slowed us down. Here is the summary of the road condition. There is 216 kms between Boulia to Tobermory. Mostly flat and relatively barren country. The first stretch of about 60 kms was bitumen, with small sections of good gravel. We let down the tyres about 50 kms from Tobermory. Last 15 kms before NT border is mostly bitumised with short stretches of gravel in between . About 40 kms from Tobermory was roadworks being done, for about 20 kms or so. From Tobermory to 380 kms from SH was very rough, with corrugations and swales of bulldust. This was slow going and generally we sat on 50 kms an hour for almost all that stretch. At the 380 from the Stuart Highway point there was a good graded section. The bitumen started about 80 kms from the Stuart Highway and then continued all the way to Gem Tree.. About 60 kms West Of Tobermory we came across a Kimberly Karavan on its side and skewed across the road. A single axle van, and driven at a bit of speed (it was going pretty fast when it overtook us and the driver later told us he was now aware he was going too fast), it had hit a bump, pivoted in the air and collapsed on its side. As he had a swivelling hitch, the towing vehicle was stable and unaffected. The driver was remarkably adept and seemed unaffected by the accident. Together with a couple of others who arrived on the scene shortly after us, the driver unhitched it, winched the van back upright with a huge ‘crunch’ and then rehitched it. It was drivable, which is a testament to the van’s strength I guess. He said he would return to Tobermory and then assess his options. I took a number of photos of the van in case he needed it for insurance purposes. One of the photos shows big rocks all embedded into the side of the van wall! Apart from that little incident our trip was unremarkable; oh, we did get a flat tyre which Val will repair in Alice.
  21. Yes, I noticed you had gone that way back in May. People are commenting a lot about idiots who overtake in dust, and put everyone’s lives at risk. I don’t recall it being very busy last year when we did this track, and it was exactly the same time of year.
  22. We are heading to Boulia and due there in a couple of days or so, ready for crossing the Plenty about 27 or 28 August (give or take a day or two). If anyone is in the region and sees us, give a call and say hello. Is anyone else in the vicinity? anyone else about to do the crossing to Alice?
  23. In Alice Springs, book well ahead as it gets very busy there. We like the MacDonnell Ranges caravan park for the size of the sites and the facilities. Consider staying a night at the Curtin Springs freecamp on the Lassiter Hwy before getting to Uluru, and then it is a short cruise in to Uluru. There are other freecamps closer to The Rock but we haven’t stayed at them. Have you thought about taking the Oodnadatta Track as an alternative to the Stuart Hwy either on the way up or back? A great trip with the added advantage of going through the Flinders Ranges first. I love the Flinders and have a couple of favourite camp sites there. in Alice, the Wildlife Park is a must. And while you are in the region, and if you have the time, go see the West MacDonnell Ranges. My all time favourite camp is Redbank Gorge, at the ridgetop site.
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