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  1. Hi Gordon & Chris, if your arrival day is now Wednesday 22nd, just let Caretaker's know you are with the Kedron group, so we can all be close together, we are not actually planning to arrive until the Thursday or Friday.

    The number for the caretaker is  0438849948, just call when you arrive and they will direct to a good spot.





  2. Gordon & Chris Carter would like to pass on our condolences to Jane and family, he will be sadly missed
  3. H Andrew and Sally, Thank you for your thoughts, I am slowly on the mend. Doctor is very happy with my progress hopefully we will be back on the road in the not to distant future. Regards Chris
  4. Hi Ric & Lea and Andrew & Sally, Thank you for your help, Gordon contacted Kedron today and we are going to get Kedron to make the changes in a couple of weeks, apparently Kedron have a few people waiting have their vans fixed. Ric, In answer to our location we are home as I am recovering from neck surgery. Regards Chris
  5. Hi, Has anybody in the group heard of caravaners being booked because their registration plates are too high on the back of the van. We have been told the height should be 1.3 meters off the ground. I have just had a browse through the Australian Design Rules and they did not seem to have a section for caravans. Can anybody help? Regards Gordon& Chris Carrer
  6. Hi, to those lucky enough to be going to Tamworth, but Gordon had a knee replacement a couple of weeks ago and we will be unable to make it. It has been a couple of years since we went to Tamworth for the first time, you will come out confused wondering which shows we should have gone to and which not to go to. As it was our first year we mainly did a lot of freebies, we were able to see Pixie Jenkins and Warren h Williams, The Brothers Three we were on a Talent Show, The Round Mountain Girls to name a few. Hope you all enjoy yourselves Gordon & Chris Carter
  7. Gordon and Chris Carter, would like to thank Tom at Kedron for the service we received earlier this week when we took our van out for some minor repairs we needed doing after our last trip, the service once again was great. Thank you Tom
  8. Hi, we are doing the corner trip next month with a group of Kedron Vans and we are wondering what is the best way to get to Tibooburra from Brisbane. Gordon & Chris Carter
  9. Hi Ian and Sue, I had our daughter post the photos of the changes to our van. We were unable to match the fabric, so it was decided to go with the leather. We are extremely happy with the end result. Just sorry we did not do it when we built the van.
  10. After a few years of indecision we finally bit the bullet and had our L Shaped Dinnette Converted to Café Dinnette. We were blown away when we picked the van up last Friday from Kedron. Dave, Tom and the Team did a great job and the service we received from them Kedron was brilliant, we cannot thank them enough. Gordon and Chris Carter. Here a the before and after shots for you. The before shot may give you some idea. Unfortunately we didn't think to grab a photo before they started deconstruction!! (this was taken during the initial construction of the van in 2008)
  11. Hi Tolley Gordon and Chris Carter are interested at this stage in your trip May or June 2014
  12. Hi Tony, Thank you foryour advise, I drive a 100 Series Landcruiser, I am going to givethe dioade a try. I will let you know the outcome. Regards Gordon
  13. Hey, Has anybody out there heard or had any experience with the Sidewinder Alternator Charge Booster Diode? If so could we please have some feed back
  14. Gordon has successfully replaced the screens in the dometic windows, they look so much better, the first one took a bit of time once that one was done the others were a lot easier, I stitched the pockets for the cord to go through, even though the instructions said that it was not necessary, it was not hard to do. We knew the white screen were dirty, did not realise until they were pulled to pieces just how bad they were, we do not appear to have any problems with the screens going up and down
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