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  1. John & Jo Same with us. Hitch EZY is great 👍
  2. Hi Stork We had a McHitch auto coupler on our old ATV2. Often had.problems unhitching. Have a Hitch Ezy 5 ton on our new AT5 and in 12 months absolutely no problems either hitching or unhitching at any angle. Have a look at the video on the net. John
  3. Yep as I posted earlier it’s great to be able to cool off with the Aircon wherever we are. Soft old f...ts but we love it ??
  4. We have a new Honda E22i in our new AT5. Runs the Aircon with ease. Can’t beat a Honda.?✅
  5. Hi and a warm welcome David and Liz. In reply to your not yet asked "that" question we towed our 21Ft ATV2 for nine years firstly with a 100 series then a 200 series before upgrading to a Chevy Silverado for the last couple.The 200 series easily managed but we were always struggling to keep our van under 3,500 Kg. We now have an AT5 upgraded to 3,990 so the Chevy is now essential. Don't know much about Amaroks but you would definitely be OK with a 200 series. The Chevy gives a whole new level of safety and comfort and we love it. Hope to catch up with you somewhere down the road to wherever. Regards John & Maureen
  6. Likewise from us. Have a wonderful Xmas and New Year and we look forward to catching up with lots of KOGGERS in the new year.
  7. Our one owner fully self contained all terrain van has had the bearings, brakes, and Cruisemaster independent suspension serviced by Vehicle Components and Kedron every year since new. It has 3 x 80 litre water tanks (2 x shower and 1x filtered drinking) plus a 60 litre grey water tank. With 4 x 130 watt solar panels and 3 x 120 a/h Full River batteries (new March 2018) and a 40 amp float charger you can stay off grid for extended periods as we have done for the last 9 years. It has all the equipment needed for doing so including Oyster satellite TV, diesel heater vented to full en-suite, Air Command air-conditioner (new 2014), 3kg front loader washing machine, 230litre Vitrifrigo fridge, SMEV grill/oven, and Sharp microwave. An electric Jack was fitted November 2017 making hitching and unhitching with the McHitch 6t auto coupler (Marriage Saver) a breeze for one person. The extended draw bar with storage box houses the Trail-A-Mate jack, long handled shovel, and other bits of equipment. It also houses an 8 litre gravity fed water tank for hand washing after hook-up etc. The Generator box has a custom designed pullout tray enabling a 2kva Honda to be run in situ. A new awning was fitted June 2017 and includes a full anti flap kit. A reversing camera, Next G aerial, and 17” Landcruiser alloy rims fitted with Goodyear Wrangler tyres completes the package. Price: $59,000 Phone John 0429 496 708
  8. Hi Geoff According to the manual the Oyster is ok up to 130kph. We haven’t left it up for anything approaching that and no problems with reception. In strong winds we still have good receprion. Regards John
  9. Geoff and Joy The Satking is the VAST box not another dish. We’ve only ever had this system Regards John
  10. Hi Geoff and Joy Totally agree with Pete. We’ve had an Oyster and Satking for years and completely happy. As he said trees can be a problem at times but you can usually work around that.
  11. The Guys at Kedron will fix your problems. They always do. One of the reasons we ordered our second van from them was their commitment to their customers.
  12. Hi Karen and Paul' As you probably recall we have a 21FT ATV2 that we took delivery of May 2009. We absolutely love it having added Sat TV an extra panel, Grey water tank and God knows what else. When we took delivery the Tare was 2,930 so we could just keep the ATM under 3,500 kg.The last few times we put it over a weigh bridge we were about 3,700 kg so after a lot of deliberation and because we love our Keddy so much we decided rather than buy a lighter van we would buy a Chevy Silverado to tow it with rather than our 200 Series Cruiser. Again we compromised and had Performax down grade the GVM to 4,495 kg from 4,540 kg this meant we could both drive it and tow the van with a standard license. With a suspension rated at 4,000 kg we had the boys at kedron replate our van to 3,990 kg. All was then great and we really enjoyed our last trip earlier this year covering over 10,000 km. Back at our Retirement village we began to feel the end of the road was no longer something years ahead so we decided being north of 70 years of age we should have a last Hurrah and upgrade. Having experienced the fantastic Kedron service we didn't even consider another manufacturer so we visited Paul at the Display Yard. The AT now only comes as 21Ft and is designated an AT5 . We once again checked out the Top Enders and thought we didn't need the extra weight. Our ATV along with several others have traveled the Great Central Road Gibb River Road, the Tanami and birdsville tracks and have performed as well as the Top Enders. The AT5 was a no brainer for us. Like Nev we wanted a bit more space at the table but everything else suited us perfectly. We think weight will again be a problem in the future. Anyway enjoy your kedron they are brilliant !
  13. Hi Leon Ours is an OTC OBD 11 & ABS. Also has 3208 on the back. Was given to us by Performax last September when we took delivery of our Silverado. Had occasion to use it February when we had a Stabiltrak problem message. Enabled us to fix it straight away.
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