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  1. G'day Russ Thanks for the 2 year update. Very interesting. We're looking to get a new van this year with Lithium despite Kedron still being reluctant to fit them. Do you know if the LiFePO4 is still the ants pants in Lithium options, or is there a more optimised option available now? Cheers Alan
  2. We're off to the festival as well. It will be our 2nd year. the week is certainly one to remember. See you there. Alan & Jayne
  3. G'day Russ We're looking at getting a new Top Ender next year. The Kedron boys seem to be still reluctant to install Lithium batteries, but will do it if you take all the risks, i.e. they don't offer any warranty or support for them. What are your thoughts on Lithium now? Are you still as keen on them as before? I notice (your?) van for sale with new AGM's installed. Cheers Alan
  4. G'day Reece We have used 2 types of Flat Out hoses. One from Flat Out Hoses & another from the 12V shop in Perth. the one from the 12V Shop kept bubbling due to the water pressure & 12V Shop advised to turn the water off at night! Unfortunately I thought to turn it off at night was too much to ask! The other from Flat Out Hoses is just great. It comes with a reel to roll it up with (the 12V Shop one didn't) We also use Flat Out Hose sullage hose, & this is a real treat. Hope this helps. Cheers Alan
  5. G'day Christine & Noel Thanks for your replies. I'm not sure what caused ours to break, but the impact point leads me to a rock, but we didn't pass any vehicles either direction that could have caused this, so I suspect it was from our vehicle(s) courtesy of our BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO tyres which are known for throwing up rocks. BTW they work great of the car, terrible on the van. Cheers Alan
  6. G'day Russ Thanks for your answer, as always very informative. The use of the inverter is for only 2 cuos before the sun hits the panels or before we put the generator on, so it should be OK providing they aren't too flat. Have a great Christmas. Cheers Alan
  7. G'day We've got 3 x 130W panels on the roof of our TopEnder. I was up cleaning the panels last month & noticed the rear one was shattered. Looked like a broken toughened windscreen! You could see the impact point where I guess a rock had hit it. We had just finished doing the Oodnadatta & Strzelecki tracks & the panel was OK half way down the Oodnadatta as I have a photo of the roof from the railway bridge & it was fine then. Tom at Kedron fixed at a very good rate. My question is has anyone else cracked a solar panel before? I'm trying to work out where we did this &
  8. G'day Russ In your previous posts you've stated not to go below 75% of SOC = around 12.35V. With the batteries around 12.5V our new inverter pulls the voltage down to around 12.1 to 12.2V when it's making a cappuccino (< 1 minute). But immediately it's stopped (no sun as I tested this with the van in our factory) it bounces back to the previous voltage reading. Only after about 4 cups does it start to drop the voltage & then only by 0.1V at a time. So I hope it's quite economical. However should I be concerned about the voltage dropping to 12.1V for the < 1 minute the cappuccino
  9. G'day Geoff We ended up fitting Air Bag Man HP airbags to the rear. Pump them to 35-40 psi. This definitely stopped the front to rear rocking we had, which was enough to make you seasick! I stopped looking at a GVM upgrade as all of the ones I looked at didn't increase the CVM (Combined vehicle Mass) which is still limited to 6850kg with or without a GVM. Is there was a way to increase the CVM I would definitely be in! The towing with the airbags is just great. Fixed all these issues, but we're still struggling with the 6850 CVM. cheers Alan
  10. G'day guys We put our 22' TE over a weighbridge today. Results were: Total van & car = 6,800kg (passengers included) Van on weighbridge, car off but still connected = 3280kg Van on weighbridge, with jockey wheel on & not connected to car, i.e. van alone = 3620kg Therefore ball weight = 340kg The van had no water in it, all 3 tanks totally empty. Outboard motor not on A Frame Both 20L fuel tanks on A Frame were empty So if we put 300L water in the tanks, 40L fuel in the jerry cans plus our 10HP outboard motor on the A Frame our van weight is close to 4 tonne! The van wasn't that
  11. G'day Russ Great topic & excellent poll. We run pressures down to as low as 23psi on our Kedron when the road really rough. Last year on the Gibb River Road around Mt Barnett the road was just terrible & we were down to 10kms/hour with 23psi on the van & similar on the Touareg tow vehicle just trying to be comfortable, let alone for considerations of the Kedron. We ended up breaking the hinge bracket on the fridge door, we were warned in Broome that this very weak hinge would break on the GRR. When it did I was amazed just how weak it is, just some spot welds holding it in pla
  12. G'day All I agree that a TPMS should just work, but after having trouble with two different systems, the 1st being the from TPMS Australia (now closed) with their booster in place & the 2nd being the Jetta system, neither would work reliability on the Kedron with losing the wheels reading all the time. I've heard from within the industry that the best is reportedly the Doran system which is sold in Australia by LSM Equipment. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has a Doran system especially with a LC 200 & Kedron. Fred1's comments on the ABR-Sidewinder are intere
  13. G'day Fred A couple of years ago, we took our new 22' TopEnder all the way into Eliot Falls, past Fruit Bat Falls. We enjoyed it so much we returned there for a 2nd time on the way south. You couldn't camp at Fruit Bat Falls, so we just went there for the day leaving the van at Eliot. We passed one of those dreaded 4WD tourist buses on the very narrow section of the road, but we were able to pass each other without concern, albeit slowly. Mind you, navigating around the loop road at Eliot Falls camp ground was a bit tricky, but we managed without touching anything. At the time we were t
  14. G'day I know this has been discussed previously, but I am wondering if anyone has come up with a workable solution to eliminate the ticking of the diesel heater. I am considering remounting the pump in some sort of enclosure or with a sound insulator around it. Has anyone got a workable solution to eliminate the ticking? Cheers Alan
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