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  1. Hi Mark & Deb, Have you had your caravan brakes adjusted properly lately? I had no brakes on the van, very similar to your problem; adjusted the brakes & all is now ok. Regards, John
  2. Hi Fieldsy, We had the same problem with our 2002 XC 15-1/2ft. I solved it with a "D" shaped hollow rubber strip about 5mm or so wide. It has self adhesive on it, & I've stuck it directly on to the existing sealing rubber on the door. I bought it from Bunnings. So far it has been successful. Happy Travelling, Regards, John
  3. Thanks Chris for the spots so far. I hope you can send more later. Regards, John
  4. Hi All, Next year we will be visiting Alice Springs for an Army reunion in May. We want to do some free camps in the West Macdonald Ranges as well. Does anybody have any spots that they know about to pass along please. We travel with our dog, so National Parks are OUT. Happy travelling, Regards, John & Lynelle (& Teddybear)
  5. G'Day All, I've finally settled on, & fitted myself a Vitrofrigo 150lt fridge. A bit of mucking around as it is 75mm narrower than the Dometic. I turned it on at 12.15pm, & by 1.30pm it was 4deg in the fridge, & -13deg in the freezer. Very impressed, & it used only 37amps up to 10.00am next day. I still have to buy & fit another Solar panel (130W). I bought a CTEK XS25000 25amp battery charger on Ebay for $370 posted. That's a saving of $115 on one from a 12Volt shop. Can't wait to get on the road to do a proper test. :thumbsup: Regards, John & Lynelle
  6. Thks Darryl, sounds like a good idea. At least I don't have to travel too far for either company. John
  7. Thanks to all who gave me some feedback. I'm convinced that this is the way to go, plus more solar panel & battery to cope. Kedron factory doesn't do any changes to their caravans now, due to the pressure of building new ones. I'll most likely get the work done at Solar Express at Caboolture. Regards & Happy Travelling, John & Lynelle :thumbsup: :biggrin:
  8. Hi All, We presently have a Dometic 3 Way Fridge fitted to our XC Van. We have had so much trouble with it when encountering hot weather, that we are looking at changing to a Vitrifrigo 150Litre fridge. I am after feedback from anybody who has the Vitrifrigo fitted. How good are they? Have you had any problems in hot weather? How many batteries & Solar panels have you got fitted to the van. We presently have one 80W panel, & a 130ah deep cycle battery (a replacement bought in Darwin last year). Another option is a Waeco 12v fridge, but I would have to go a bit larger to get a 2 door model, which means modifying the area it will be fitted (more cost). I will be contacting Kedron eventually, but would like some feedback first. Thanks, & Happy travelling. Regards, John & Lynelle :confused1: :helpsmilie:
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