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  1. For anyone out there looking at buying Clearview Mirrors, I would like to let you know of the wonderful service and great price we received from purchasing these through fellow KOG Member, Tony H. We made a huge saving purchasing these mirrors from Tony and the service was second to none! (They turned up within two days) Thanks Tony, for the excellent service. We really appreciate your help. Look forward to catching up on the road one day Pete & Lyn
  2. Gilly

    Cape Leveque

    Hi Steve & Kez We will definitely see you then as we won't be there before 2nd week in July. Hopefully we can time it so it is a weekend and spend some time with you. Looking forward to it Pete & Lyn
  3. Gilly

    Cape Leveque

    G'day Steve & Kez, Thanks so much for your local knowledge - we will have a look at all you have suggested. It's a shame we will miss you on this trip but we will surely cross paths at some time I'm sure. We will be leaving Toowoomba early tomorrow morning and picking our van up at Toompine Pub where we left it a few weeks ago and heading west to be around Broome/Cape Leveque later in July. Cheers, Pete & Lyn
  4. Gilly

    Cape Leveque

    G'day Dave & Jane, Thanks for that. We will camp at Middle Lagoon and do day trips to the other areas further north. Cheers, Pete & Lyn
  5. G'day We are currently heading to Broome via Plenty Hwy & the Tanami and just wondering about taking the van up to Cape Leveque. We are getting mixed reports on how far we can take the van north on the Cape Leveque Road. Some advise we can only go as far as Middle Lagoon, leave the van there and travel the remainder by 4X4. Others are saying we can take the van as far as Gambanan and Bully's Camp, Djoodoon. Just wondering if any members have taken their vans to the more northern locations. I understand there is no access allowed at Kooljaman Resort at the top. Cheers and Safe Travels. Pete & Lyn
  6. Hi Gordon & Chris We went out that way last year and although we didn't go to Tibooburra, passed through Noccundra, Camerons Corner, then to Innamincka and up to Birdsville. Had a great trip. We went to a fantastic Music Festival called 'Music in the Mulga' at Wandilla Station, just south of Eulo (which is just west of Cunnamulla. This is an annual event and as we had such a great time, we are heading back there this year. For anyone interested it is held from 8th - 12th May 2014 You will find more details on the website: www.musicinthemulga.com.au Hope this is of some interest to include in your intinerary. Cheers Pete & Lyn
  7. G'day Ronnie, We started out in the same situation as you however, we had the after market turbo fitted to our 1997, 80 series Landcruiser about 7 or 8 years ago. We purchased a new 20 foot ATV in 2009 and have never had a problem towing the van. I have just purchased a 76 series V8 turbo diesel wagon which we will be towing the van for the first time this Easter. Our next choice of van would be the XC, as I agree with what Darryl has said in that the Cross Country would be suitable for any of the off road tracks we plan to visit. The 80 Series is now parked up in the shed and will remain there until the new cruiser proves itself! Even then, I would be reluctant to get rid of the old girl! Pete
  8. Hi Russ & Sue We too are heading out that way but won't get to Birdsville until sometime in June. Look forward to meeting you out there. Pete & Lyn
  9. Thanks for that Tex. I'll look into that. I was very close to making a decision on a 2 inch lift and air bags, think I'll wait and do a bit more research. Let me know how your new system performs. Cheers, Pete
  10. GDay Rick, The suspension doesn't need to be changed for the conversion. My concern is the standard Toyota Suspension has always proved not suitable for towing heavy caravans. I am just curious if anyone else has this particular model and has had suspension modifications and if they were satisfied with the changes. Cheers Pete
  11. G'day Fellow Travellers. We just picked up our new 76 series wagon and are interested to hear any comments from others with regards to upgrading the suspension/lift kits/rear air bags or any other useful tips anyone may have. We tow a 20 foot ATV and have the vehicle booked into Creative Conversions in October for chassis extension. Any other information on this model would be greatly appreciated. We have recently sold our business and plan to hit the road in May 2013. Cheers, Pete & Lyn
  12. G'Day, I'm looking to upgrade my tow vehicle and very close to placing an order on a new Landcruiser V8 turbo diesel. I've heard conflicting reports about the V8's; a lot say they use excessive oil in between services, particularly when towing over long distances. Also a comon complaint is a knock in the motor. Can anyone give me any feed back, good or bad, on your experiences with these vehicles :question: Cheers Pete (Gilly)
  13. Thanks Chris, We added the diesel heater on our visit to the factory on Wednesday - I'm one that feels the cold so I think this is a must. We also added the extra solar panel & battery - originally, we only ordered 3, so now have gone for 4 of each. Thanks again :smile: Pete & Lyn
  14. Thanks to everyone for your helpful replies. We will go with the 4 solar panel/battery and probably the 2.4 or 2.8 yamaha. Reading through the forums we see we have a lot to learn in a short time, and as our van will be due for delivery in November we hope to get it right. We now have to decide if we need the diesel heater and many other options available. Thanks again for your input - this forum is an invaluable learning tool. Pete & Lyn :thumbsup:
  15. We have just placed an order for an ATV and yet to even decide on a layout! But we are keen to hear from other owners regarding the need for 3 or 4 x 130w solar panels and 3 or 4 120a/h batteries. We will have a 32l Engel Fridge as well as standard 12v appliances. Although the Engel will not be used all the time, I am sure this will be an excess drain on the standard 3 x Solar Panels & Batteries. We also intend to buy a generator but are in two minds to purchase the 2kva Honda or 2.4kva Yamaha. All feedback will be greatly appreciated. :helpsmilie: Thanks Pete & Lyn
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