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  1. Depends on what the value of the van.

    Best to shop around.

    We have a 2008 XC and both car and van are insured with RACQ. Have made two claims for the van, awning and hail damage and had no problems.

    Clive and Sandra

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  2. Welcome to the group Allan. We are on our second Kedron van. We too owned a Jayco and took the plunge and bought our first Kedron in 2001. Updated to our current van years later. The main thing that has impressed us over the years is the after sales service.

    Good luck and fun times ahead planning.

    Sandra and Clive

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  3. Hello Rob,

    We too we’re over the washbasin in our 2008 XC. In desperation my husband ripped the lot out. We never used the washbasin because of the drainage issues. The mirror doors on the cupboard were starting to detoriate. The door latches on the cupboard we’re becoming in reliable on rough roads. The plastic unit had also gone yellowish. Went to several local kitchen/bathroom/cabinet makers but no one could help for at least a year. We were told to buy a sheet of composite aluminium sheeting and sixaflex it to the back wall. Bought a mirror and attached it to the wall. The reno has given us a feeling of a larger area. We are now very happy.






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  4. Always enjoy your travel experiences.  My cousin still has property at Eumungerie, but now lives at Tullamore.  You described it well.

    Look forward to catching up with sometime next week.  Enjoy the rest of your stay at Kilkivan.

  5. Thanks Chris, don’t know whether have heard but Lara Wetlands had a bit of disaster last week. A big storm went through and they lost the roof off the homestead..  Is is a bit sad for the new owners, not a good start to the tourist season.

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  6. My wife and I have cancelled three holidays for 2020 - for obvious reasons.

    Whilst self-isolated at home - we decided to plan our 2021 holidays.


    Having no real preferences where to go, we put a dartboard in the kitchen and attached a paper map of Australia. We decided wherever the dart landed, would be the location of next year’s holidays.


    My wife then threw three darts.


    It seems that we are spending our holidays behind the fridge next year.

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  7. I believe NRMA Insurance have this “lay up”  option. My sister had it on their van but said it was a bit painful as they had to notify them every time they decided to use the van. This current period of insurance they opted to have it fully covered again.

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