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  1. We would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Kedron Family. Enjoy what ever you will be doing and if travelling the roads, stay safe. We may catch up with some of you on the back roads in 2019. Cheers, Clive and Sandra
  2. Welcome to the Kedron Family. Merry Christmas to you both and what an exciting 2019 awaits you. Wishing you lots of safe travels and happy memories, hopefully we will meet you on the road somewhere or at a gathering. cheers, Clive and Sandra
  3. At the AGM / Christmas gathering last weekend members showed interest in this up coming event. I would love to show you the pretty picture, however not being computer literate, I just can't do it. It reads: RV'S FOR DROUGHT RELIEF Long Weekend of 25th - 28th January 2019 Caravan Fundraising Muster SHOWGROUND TEXAS (Qld) on the other side of the river it is NSW All funds raised by collection or donated to the Texas Lions Club are for distribution to local farmers as the Club sees fit. For more information or to RSVP, please join our FB Page RV's for the Drought or phone Christine on 0400 738 768 Powered sites $50 per van per night (Tax Deductible) Some of our members attended the muster that was held at Jandowae last October and had a great time. Hope to see a few Keddies in attendance at Texas.
  4. Getting excited, van is up next to the house and almost packed. Have packed the Christmas decorations and wine. Now all we need is good weather. No heatwaves and no rain please. see you all Thursday ?????
  5. Yes Kevin, agree with Grahame, time to get two new batteries. We had to replace the two batteries (3yrs and 2mths use) in our van earlier this year. They were working fine, pulled up for an overnight camp on the Plenty highway and had no power at all. Couldn’t pump water, flush the toilet, light the stove and of course no lights. Had to revert to manual mode. I might also add the ALL the batteries in the van died that day, ie smoke detector, torches, blood glucose monitor and hearing aid batteries. We laugh about it and said the Min Min lights out of Boulia got us. When we arrived in Alice Springs we dropped the van off at the auto elects and we went went for new batteries. $$$ The joys of caravanning.
  6. Hello Tony and Irene, In the past we have received a book, chopping board and vegetable knife, both which have been well received. We also have received other gifts that have not been so useful or enjoyable. As some live in their vans, space is also an issue. I personally always enjoy something we can eat or drink. ????? Look forward to meeting you and all other members attending. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
  7. Thank you for that great report. We have stayed at some of the places mentioned and really enjoyed our trip through that area a couple of years back. Can thoroughly recommend the Oodnadatta Track.?
  8. Hi, heading east from Cunnamulla there is Charlotte Plains camp. It has an artesian bore. Have not been there but it is on the bucket list. We have stayed at the free camp at Bollon which is on the river. if you are passing through Glen Morgan there is a great little motor museum, worth a stop and a browse. Meandarra further east is another great free camp and has a great military museum. Cheers, Sandra and Clive (will have to catch up again when we get back home)
  9. Well, really not a photo to use, but we have had a good day here at Port Dennison. The sun was shining all day, the van is a little cleaner, van maintenance and the washing has been done. Had a lovely fish dinner (caught off Broome), didn’t catch anything today, now trying to keep warm. My well dressed husband having coffee and eating chocolate. Life is good ????
  10. Welcome to the group. We didn’t do the Tanami but cut across on the Buchanan highway. It was good, except thought the Gregory NP, it was a bit rough. We tow a XC with a Patrol and had no problems. If you are heading for Broome (we are here now, parked next to another Kedron) . Two overnight spots I can recommend, Mary Pools, and Lake Ellendale, both are on Wiki Camps.
  11. Welcome Chris, Congratulations and I’m sure you will have a lot of lovely adventures with your new van. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
  12. Sandra

    In Tasmania!

    Hope Rob and Jewel are behaving themselves, they can be a bit noisy, Ha Ha! say hello to them for us. Sandra and Clive
  13. Good photo, did you come over by the GCR and in through the back door, so to speak. Clive
  14. I will seek and find you. I shall take you to bed, and have my way with you. I will make you ache, shake and sweat until you moan and groan. I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you. And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days. All my love, The Flu P.S. Now, stop thinking about sex, all you senior citizens, and go get your flu shot!
  15. Thanks Chris, We wanted a photo of the car and van on the ferry, however you are not to leave the vehicle (I got told!!) I think Clive did a good job taking the selfie as we were against the railing, he had to contend with mirrors and the weather shield. it has been a good trip, looking forward to heading to Bendeela tomorrow. Cheers,
  16. We are sitting behind the Wiseman Ferry Bowls Club tonight. Last night we stayed behind the Wollombi Tavern, what a great little town. When we arrived the local markets were on, of course we went for a walk around them. Route 33 is a favourite for motor bike riders and the tavern is a popular stop along with the classic vehicles that call in. It was a people and vehicle watching day for us. Left there this morning and while we didn’t have any bike traffic (actually we had no traffic) I can understand why they like the road, hilly and winding, but very pretty drive. We boarded the oldest operational vehicle Ferry in Australia to cross the Hawkesbury River. Tomorrow we will be in a caravan park to do the washing and resupply before we head off to Bendeela, Kangaroo Valley for the KOG gathering. Wollombi Tavern campingWollombi Tavern
  17. No, they are not unfortunately. We did tell them about KOG and tried, Clive even wore his KOG shirt and name tag at drinks. They were even unaware of the Facebook page. this place is lovely, just been for a walk and watched the sunrise. ??
  18. We are on our way to the gathering at Kangaroo Valley. We have been through many kilometres of road works, on the Pacific highway, North Coast region. When completed in 2020 this will make travel between Sydney and Brisbane a breeze. At present there are major works going on building a bridge crossing the Clarence River. We are at present at Sawtell and camped next to two other Kedron vans, they are heading north.
  19. We have arrived at Kalbar Showgrounds for the Kedron Australia Day weekend. Looking forward to a great weekend with other Kedron owners. Now that we are all set up we are enjoying a cool drink in the shade of the van. Yes it is a bit warm, however there is a lovely breeze blowing. Enjoy Australia Day everyone. ??????????????
  20. Hello Jono and Becky, Welcome to the Kedron Family. As Tony said you are welcome to call into Kalbar and say hello. Kalbar is not far from the Cunningham Highway west of Ipswich if you are coming that way. We will be spending most of February travelling through NSW so our paths may cross. Safe travels, exciting times for you. We also agree what Peter has said Lawnton showgrounds is a great place to get to know your van before you hit the road. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
  21. Welcome Ernest, I’m sure you will have a great time in Tasmania, there will certainly be plenty of Kedron vans there at the same time. There will still be a few of us remaining on the mainland. Look forward to meeting you either on the road or at one of the gatherings. cheers, Clive and Sandra
  22. Sandra

    Australia Day Gathering

    AUSTRALIA DAY GATHERING JANUARY 2018. Come join in the fun and celebration of Australia Day. ????? A booking has been made at Kalbar Showgrounds Queensland 24th to 29th January 2018 (Unfortunately the venue near Stanthorpe that was discussed at the Christmas Gathering had a couple of issues) Kalbar is located on the Scenic Rim not far off the Cunningham Highway in the Fassifern Valley. Large Powered sites Toilets and showers Dump Point Dogs allowed (on leads at all times) Breathable Mats only Grey water allowed to drain on ground, however the caretakers have asked the hose to have a filter (a stocking attached to end to collect food bits) Close to shops and hotel Cost for powered site $20.00 per van/per night Dinner Saturday night Let us know of your arrival and departure date and if you will be joining the group for dinner Contact Sandra or Clive 0428997096 for any information. Look forward to catching up with new and old friends
  23. A big thank you to the webmaster for the ever changing photo on the web page banner (I think that is what it is called). It looks great.
  24. At this present time we are at Kenilworth Showgrounds with other happy Kedron people to have a good time at our Christmas gathering. it is a bit wet under foot, but that is OK. We are familiar with wet weather. ???
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