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  1. We are really enjoying yout stories, Looking forward to Arkaroola and beyond. Please keep them coming. Clive and Sandra
  2. Sandra

    Roof leak

    Hi Tony, Must be Tasmania as we had a major roof leak when we there three years ago. Kedron had replaced the rood two months previously (it was our old pop top van) Tom told us to have it repaired in Tasmania. Caravan repairers are scarce as hen's teeth down there. We did find one at a place called Kingston not far from Hobart. However they could not help us for three months due to their heavy workload. Kedron replaced the roof on our way home, apparently it was the silicone. Good luck Clive
  3. Clive and I would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas. Joy and Geoff and early welcome to the Fraser Coast. Look forward to meeting you both at a get together in 2014. Sandra
  4. Thank you Tony and Annie for your Christmas wishes and we wish you both the same. Hope you didn't melt at Mt Isa. I bought the book Fingers Crossed from Lorraine, she and Mike were camped behind you at Standown Park. They do have a website www.milowise.com and it tells you where to obtain the book, or perhaps you could contact them through the members list. Take care, Sandra
  5. I have just read a book called Fingers Crossed across Australia. Enjoyed every page, found it hard to put down, even though we have visited most of the places mentioned. This book has been very well written by one of our members Lorraine Wise. Lorraine tells about their travels and experiences while travelling all over Australia. The book also has some excellent photos. I can recomend the book. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Breast Cancer foundation. Thank you Lorraine, you have done well. Sandra
  6. Thank you for a very comprehensive report of a great weekend. I'm still laughing. Good medicine. Sandra
  7. Hello, Looking for some advice/experience on the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 brake control unit. Have been told by our local brake repairer that it is the "bees knees" "best thing since bread" unit. Look forward to reading any comments. Clive and Sandra
  8. Good luck to all those doing the GCR trip. Think of it as a challenge, it will be a trip that you will talk about for years to come. We did it last year and still think about it constantly, the good and the bad. Our only damage was a broken spring (just as we approached Yulara) on a 10 year old kedron van which has travelled on a lot of tracks. Look forward to hearing all the reports and blogs etc. Clive and Sandra
  9. Sandra

    April Trip

    Hello Tony and Leone, We stayed at Leichhardt Lagoon four years ago and it was basic but lovley, hated leaving the place and the beautiful sunsets over the lagoon. However they do get a lot of rain up that way and sometimes it get flooded in the wet season so it may not be as nice as when we were there or it could be a lot better. We loved it. Sandra and Clive
  10. Hello Colin and fellow Koggers, Yes, there were a few areas big enough for eleven plus vans behind bushes etc but I really can't remember where as we were only interested in finding ourselves a suitable area to pull up for the night. The best caravan park we saw was at the Warakurna road house. We did not stay there but used the toilets at the park. This is the best place to stay if you want to see Giles weather station which we found interesting. I agree with Brian about the dips and more dips, plus more dips. Like Brian said, there were plenty of wrecks by the roadside but I think most were 2WD cars and a couple of Hi-ace type vans. We are off tomorrow in our van to spend a few days at Burrum Heads before the Christmas rush and to do a spot of fishing. Won't be a long trip as we live just out of Hervey Bay. Merry Christmas and have a safe one. Clive and Sandra
  11. Hi, the permits are quite easy to obtain. You do it on line and the reply is instant, you just need a printer to print them. You need one for each vehicle and they are free. We travelled west to east and no one asked to see the permits. The only people we saw was at the road houses when we refuelled. We had already stopped at Uluru to take the photos etc by the time we arrived at Yulara. As we had no intention of climbing or walking around the rock so we put the $25each towards a helicopter flight to view it from the air. Some of the designated camp areas are disgusting so we just found spots well off the road in the bush. I'm enjoying the posts and reliving the trip. Sandra
  12. We travelled the GCR last August from west to east. We did the trip on our own, passing 37 vehicles over three days. It was an experience that was definately worthwhile. The road from Laverton to Warburton was good, there was 10kms of black top. After Warburton the corrugations were really bad. We had no problem with fuel at any of the roadhouses. The most expensive fuel was at Tjukayirla R/H @$2.45lt for diesel. Try and be at Warakurna to coincide a visit to the Giles weather station at 9am or 4pm when they do tours, intersting. Watch out for the camels, they sleep on the road and do not move very fast. We passed one mob of six or seven just lazing in the sun in the middle of the road. We broke a spring on the van just before the Olgas. Our van is ten years old and has travelled on a lot of dirt roads in Australia. I guess things have to break at some stage. This trip we did this year we travelled in excess of 5000kms on dirt. We fixed the spring at Yulara and when we got to Alice Springs replaced the other. We also travelled the Mereenie Loop which was OK. All good memories. Clive and Sandra
  13. Hi, thanks for your replies to my enquiry about the Great Central Road. Will take all the information on board. We might then travel on the Plenty if all goes well. We had a gas heater fitted to the van here in Perth two weeks ago as the cold weather is not pleasant when camping in the bush. Maybe we are whimps!!!!but there are no complaints. Clive
  14. Hello, has anyone travelled on the Great Central Road this year. Would appreciate a road report as we are planing to head home from WA early August. Thanks, Sandra and Clive
  15. Please to hear they have new caretakers, as you said the previous one was very "unfriendly". Alway remember to take the Aeroguard if staying there. Sandra
  16. Hello, Allow at least six weeks. We were there February/March this year. One of the highlights for us was visiting Ledgerwood to see the wood carvings of the locals that went to WW1. It was free. Ledgerwood is east of Scottsdale. We did not see this town in toursit brochures but heard about it by word of mouth. The other great attraction to visit was The Wall, near Derwent bridge. It was amazing. Sandra
  17. They also have a great picnic race meeting weekend early in May. A lot of fun. Sandra
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