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We are also in WA lets start talking friends

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Greetings all.

Mavis and I are also in WA.

We are in Rockingham area until the 29th of this month then we head off to the wild flowers for a week.

Come on Koggers how about we start talking to the group and each other.

What has happened to the KOG spirit and the great level of communication that existed not so long ago.

Can we not get over the incorporation of this great group and revert to the great mob that we were not too long ago.


Stu.f politics or any other little worries that we have.Get on with life and start talking again.

We are a great group of people regardless of what we own or what our beliefs are. Open up friends and get on with life.

Best regards to everyone else and Love to our friends until we meet the everyone elses grin and then we will maybe love yas.


If you are not a proffesional writer do not worry, non of us are so just talk to us and we do not mind the spelling/gramatical erors or any other slip ups.

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Hi Rod and Mavis, I'll talk to you as i am not predjudiced, but then again Col reackons i'll talk to any body.

I am the intended owner that got you to post the photo of your aerial and altho i have kept an eye on them it looks like the aerial will go in at the end. Guess this means that A, we will have a decent hole on the inside to allow the base to go up against the ceiling or B, dont put the base plate on, which is not going to work. Keen to see which way they go.

Must admit that it has been good to be in the area to see it being built as we have been able to point out some minor things as it progresses and no problem to get them rectifyed. The main problem was that we reversed our cafe seating and kitchen and that caught a few departments out.Great to also have the photos as it progresses thru the factory.

The only dissadvantage is they seem to be able to sell us something else every time we go to the factory. Wouldn't buy whats on offer if it didn't make sense to have it.

We are looking at the 2nd of Sep to take delivery and a few days of settling in then on the road again.

Safe travels and enjoy the flowers.

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Great news guy's.

Excitement building,its a great feeling isn't it. Even better dragging them out of the factory after delivery and off for a shake down run.

As far as them selling you stuff,if it sounds good and you can afford it do it, you won't be building one of these baby's every year!

Thanks for the update and the post, it is great to see new postings so as we know that the world is still turning in the Eastern States :rolleyes:

Regards to you both and happy and safe travels.


(Mavis reckons the same of me talk to anyone grin)

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Hi Rod & Mavis

We are also in WA but travelling in opposite direction to you it seems. We are gradually heading south now with no particular agenda or time frame except we hope to be in Jervis Bay NSW 30th November to see a Grandson graduate from Officer training with the Navy.


John & Maureen

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Great to hear from you John & Maureen.

We have to be in Wagga Wagga for our Grandsons pass out from Army training 23rd September so our trip will be a little rushed unfortunately.

There is so much to see on this side of the Country. We were here 6 years ago for about 6 months but that was not long enough.

Thanks again for the post and safe travels to you both from both of us .

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Hi Rod and Mavis

When are you guys leaving WA ? We may cross paths as we go to pick up our ORSUM NEW VAN. We leave Perth on the 12 Sept and hopefully leave Brisbane about 18.19.20 Sept for the long trip home.

Maybe we could have a cleansing ale somewhere....

Thanks for the opportunity to see your van last week.

See you on the road somewhere.

Cheers Phil

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Hi Rod and Mavis,we too are leaving perth on 29 August doing the flower run.

First stop Dalwallinu then heading up to coalseam , Mt Magnet, across to Leinster , Kalgoorlie and home to Albany.

We will be traveling with my brother who has a small Avan and some friends not sure what brand van they have.

We may bump into eachother somewhere on the track.

Our number plate on the top ender is SORRY yes thats right don't ask :blink:


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Hi Phil & Darlene.

It was a pleasure to catch up with you and also to show you our baby.

We will be at Kalgoorlie about the 9th 10th 11th and camped on the Nullabor somewhere on the night of the 12th. It would be great to share a cleansing ale but not sure how or when. If our plans change at all we will keep you posted.

safe trip mate and regards.

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John and jo.

likewise hope we do bump into you on the wild flower track.

Have just tonight had a report that they are early and on display now :D

Can't wait!!

Also can't promise that we won't ask the history on the van rego though grin.

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