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Russ n Sue's Blog is Back


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Hi fellow Koggers. I have been very remiss and have not updated the blog for over a year! You could call it a case of writer's block, or you could also call it slack. Anyway, here is another episode in our travels. I have a full year to catch up on, so hopefully I'll be able to punch a few more out before we head off to our Winter employment at Cape York.

Here is the link: Russ n Sue's Blog

Happy travels

Russ n Sue

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Another great account of what it is like travelling. I always feel as though i am there with you, March flies and all!


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Hi Russ

What time of year were you in SA? We are about to head off to that neck of the woods on 20th March. Really enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to visit these great places.

Greg & Cathy


we (or at least, I) am still in SA. Sue is in Perth visiting family and adding credentials to her already extensive CV. At the moment I am at Perlubie Beach, which is at the northern end of Streaky Bay. I will be here for another week, before setting off for Broken Hill. I will pick Sue up after she flies in to there and then we are on our way to Cape York. Looks like we will just miss you as I have to be at Broken Hill by the 18th March.



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Welcome back Russ n Sue

Always great reading!

Cheers from the Kyd's

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