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Diesel Heater pump Noise


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I came across this bulletin from Webasto about quieting the ticking noise from the heater fuel pumps , i tried it on our Top Ender and it made quite a difference to the noise level , see bulletin attached

pump noise.tiff

It consists of 2 parts as

rubber fuel pump mounting attachment

fuel pump mount.tiff

and 2 rubber 90 degree elbows

rubber hose.tiff

I also insulated the fuel line hose with rubber so that the noise from the fuel pump wasn't transmitted through the fuel line to the chassis , make sure the fixing points are at least 200mm from both sides of the pump , some Kedrons may allreeady have the rubber pump mount on them

The cost of the rubber mounts are $28 and the elbows are $7 each plus postage

for more info give me a call 0418130971 email gyost@toolstas.com.au

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Hi Graeme.

Thank you for that info. Could you please post some photos to explain the installation a bit better.

Our pump is right under our front bed, and it drives me nuts, or maybe I'm already nuts!!!!!!!!



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HI Pete

Thanks for the call the other day , a couple of things to do is firstly make sure any insulation you have put around the pump is not touching any metal , if it does it will transmit some noise through the chassis , check and see if you have one of the rubber mounts as shown in the picture , use 2 right angle rubber ends on the fuel pump inlet and outlet they need to be opposed in the direction ie 1 up 1 down see pic , also where the fuel line is attached to the chassis insulate with foam in a large p clip , i will attach some pictures so you get the idea , give me a call if you wish to discuss 0418 130971




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Admin edit: Graeme, I have amended your phone number in the above post as folk may not see this correction. Good luck with it all.

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Hi Graeme

Those parts arrived yesterday, fitted to the heater pump and tested today. What a difference, NO more clicking noise coming into the van from under the bed. We're ready for next winter now!!!!!

Thank you for your advice and speedy dispatch of my order. Well worth the money.



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