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Hi Everyone

We found that every time we wanted to watch TV the speakers from the TV where hard to hear and we needed to have the TV turned up to full volume so we could hear it better , it may be that i am a bit deaf LOL , i found a FM transmitter that plugs into the headphone outlet on the TV and transmits a FM signal to the van radio , just set the radio to the frequency to the transmitter frequency and the TV audio plays through the van radio , it works a treat , the transmitter has a range of about 10M we can supply the transmitter and the connection cable for $70 plus postage, the transmitter needs a 12volt power supply and comes with 3.5 mm audio cable to plug into the tv


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G`Day GraemeY

Like most flat screen TVs our sound was also crap. Purchased a mini speaker called a Cube from JB Hifi about a year ago. It is very good and plugs into the 12 volt TV.in the earphone socket and is powered by the T. V. through a USB port.


Rick & Lea :)

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Yep we did the same in our old TOP ENDER with a BOSE boom box but found that when i went to use it was flat etc using this its more permanent it is hard wired in and left permanently plugged in , just turn the radio on and it works , no wires cables etc , i am a bit of a tech nerd LOL also you don't have to buy another speaker setup , it has 16 frequency so unlikely that another station will interfere with it , we sold our TOP ENDER and now waiting for our new XC3 to be built not due till April 2015 , then of to FNQ for 3 months , cant wait

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