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diesel heater

Danny and Sue

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Hello all

i am having trouble with my diesel heater & think i may pull it out & get it repaired.can anyone recomend a good person to send it to?

it is 4 yo & has probably swollowed a fair amount of dust.i have cleaned all the filters etc & slill no joy.

cheers Danny

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Hi Kogers,

I have done a lot of research into the diesel heater .

I pulled mine out after it started to smoke on start up and found that the problem was the breather hole near the glow plug was starting to block up , just like in a combustion engine when you stop the air flow they smoke from to much fuel .

I also found that after doing the corner country trip this year without the air intake blocked ( to stop the diesel heater getting dust in) when I pulled it apart , no dust . I will not be going to the trouble to block mine anymore .

To service your heater all you need to buy is a gasket seal the 3rd on the parts list .

There is no need for a special tool to pull your glow plug ( glow pin ) out , just pull the unit apart and then a 12 m spanner will do the job . With the unit striped down a piece of wire to clean the hole that is just at the top of the screen as show on page 28 of the service book . I have attached a service book ( I hope ) airtronic service book.pdf

With the unit out of the van you can have it cleaned and back together in 30 minutes .

Cheers Nev

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Thanks Danny

Much appreciated , we will now carry the parts in stock so quicker turn around time , the repair is not rocket science so would be happy to supply parts to do the repair if people are handy , the cost to return to me and send back is around $40 and labour about $60 if people don't want to do it themselves , if it is only a service then it is around $350 that includes new glow plug ,gaskets , glow plug screen and labour , happy to quote if people are interested , thanks again for the feedback

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Thanks Nev,

When I had it in bits I found the 3 bolts holding the burner were loose. Tightened them, cleared the glow plug breather hole, cleaned the dust out and reinstalled it. The heater works perfectly now, no white smoke at all and it’s soooo quiet. Very easy to service.

With Graeme’s fuel pump silencing kit installed we can finally sleep with the heater on.

Now to wait for some cold weather.



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