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Little black ants

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I remember reading on the forum some fixers to get rid of ants in the van but cannot find it on the forum seem to remember it included Borax.

Would welcome any recipes .



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Hi Reece

My wife mixes up a very effective ant killer which includes borax, but she suggests googling for the recipe as we are at Elliott Heads at the moment and can't recall the quantities. It solidifies fairly quickly once in the open air so you need to replace it regularly. It is best stored in the fridge and will last a long time in a sealed container.



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We use borax and honey on small piece of cardboard

Works really well

I had a real problem in the farm house now all gone.

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This IS what you need....


Sorry but this is the best i could offer

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Here is the recipe:

4 x tablespoons of Borax

2 x cups of sugar

1 x cup water

Heat until all dissolved

Let cool, then ready for use in bottle tops in ants path.

I keep it in a wine bottle with a screw top lid. I purchased some small screw top clear plastic containers from Bunning's. Drilled holes in the sides to allow ant access. Put some of the mixture in the bottom and then screw the lid back on. Pups can't then lick the stuff. Works wonders. Try it.


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